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Uncontrollable Astral Projection?


I used to have this weird experiences. I guess I still kind of do just not as much. I would sometimes have strange dreams where I am in a dark version in my home where there is barely any light seeping through the windows and I would have this over whelming dredge as there was something was watching and when I would try to get to where I am sleeping I for some odd reason feel weaker or out of energy. There was this one time I remember being in my bedroom and it was night and everything except the curtains witch were somehow open when I remembered then being shut before I went to sleep and I remembered seeing something outside and I would try to close them witch seems to be harder then it supposed to be. Ever since I moved out those kind of things have at least calmed down. I told my Former Roommate about it since she at least had a huge acknowledgment on the Supernatural and told me I had been Atral Projection and that it can be dangerous. I had told her I can't control on what happens when I sleep. I no longer live with that Roommate since we both moved into different homes. As I said they had least died down but I would still have strange dreams and many of them involved the house I used to live or my Parents House (Who are not very good people.) Those parts I am not sure if I should talk about. I guess I may as well try to say I would be in their home in a more decaying version of my old bedroom in the Basement and I would be there against my will. I would try many ways to escape and something that looks like my Stepmom would be after me. (This would always take place during the night,) I would be trying to run back in my current home and I normally don't run very well and somehow I would be nearly there only to wake up feeling shaken up and be still feeling really sleepy, I have in no way of controlling all of this and hope maybe I would find someone who might tell me what's happening, My Roommate had said that she can tell that I am sensitive to the Supernatural like she is only that I am more sensitive.

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Wendy (guest)
6 years ago (2018-03-23)
I have never even heard this term and was astral projecting in all my house mates at the time and others and even my phone text messages were coming across as demons and I take my position and challenged them and dared them to come near me. I have no fear of the unknown. You can't either. I have been anticipating this moment in time since I was maybe 5. The knowledge I obtained from it was an urgency a real harsh reality that I was at a low vibration and was being challenged to take a look inside myself. It took time for me to come awake and I was clueless and my partner mocked me and it sent me to the very depths of who I am. I acknowledged the pain and let it go. Too busy following all this. I think you have the knowledge already of what happened and it's time to speak the truth. We have to speak up and assist with our own experiences to make this transition as smooth as possible for people. I wanted to add that this man that has caused me a lot of misery acted as a spiritual catalyst so realize everything happens for a reason.
CuriousDee (1 stories) (7 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-19)
I agree with AnneV, there is nothing to fear and definitely do some research. It does sound like you were out of body/astral projected, but sometimes it can be hard to control, hence the "wacky" scenarios and landscape. I've had the same thing happen if I'm not in control or not concentrating on being aware of my surroundings. It's sort of like your brain takes control and can't figure out what is going on Hahaha 😊

Do some research and forget about anything negative associated with the astral. Before I attempt it (or if I think I'm going to), I imagine myself surrounded by white light and ask my "Spirit Team" to keep me safe and to accompany me on any adventures. Your Spirit Team is whatever you believe in; Angels, Spirit Guides, Jesus, Family Members, etc. Whatever you are comfortable with. 😊

Don't worry if your experience turns into a nonsensical dream either, it happens. Don't give up! ❤
hdjdhfnf (guest)
6 years ago (2018-02-17)
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AnneV (80 posts) mod
6 years ago (2018-02-14)
We all astral project when we sleep and all manage to wake up. I have never found it to be dangerous and consider this "fear" either a wive's tale or religion based (not Eastern religions, more like Western stereotypes)

What you're experiencing is just the dream state where the subconscious mind has control, which always makes it a bit wacky. The trick to any kind of evolution is to educate yourself, practice, learn, & evolve. This webpage has tons of material to educate yourself on (and it's free!). Start there, especially with the Beginner's Guide if that's where your interest is.

Thanks for sharing,

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