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Chadwik (guest) in The Hag, The Second Visitor
An old hag used to haunt my dreams, often reoccurring nightmares. She had a seriously wrinkled face, red eyes, messy and long grey hair, and she had facial hair on her chin that resembled a goat's beard. She also had a mole on her face. She was a hideous sight to behold. In my nightmares, the old hag always attempted to kill me. She had a visceral hatred for me. I had these dreams from the age of 7 to the age 13.
Please can anybody here help me with guidance opening my 3rd eye...? Please I look for help and guide... I can communicate via whatsapp too
I know about "hot shots." Sorry it happened to your ex.

I was in prison for 10 calendar years and killed a handful of rapists and child molesters while I served my sentence. I got away with all of those killings. I had a best friend in there who had killed exponentially more men than me. I knew this because I was writing his life story. He was found not guilty by the reason of insanity for one killing. Then they put him in the state hospital, where he decapitated a deputy sheriff, and was found not guilty by the reason of insanity for that killing too. Like me, he was never convicted of murder. Yet I counted his victims and it was difficult to keep count! The state hospital transferred him to prison, for safe housing. But that was his home and he had a reputation for being extremely dangerous.

Some convicts accepted responsibility for his killings because the prison was so dangerous at that time that a certain few men were willing to "purchase" a reputation as a killer in order to ensure their own safety, as a reputation of being a killer tended to keep predators at bay (predators look for easy pray). They figured life in prison was better than dying in prison. My friend strangled to death one man and another man took the rap for it. My friend stabbed another man to death and another man accepted responsibility for the death. The prison even sent him to the federal system for safe housing because they could not handle him and he ended up in Marion in the early 80's, at a time when race riots were popping off and it became very violent there too. My friend slit the throat of a man who was making a phone call. And a man that already had 7 consecutive life sentences accepted responsibility because what's one more life sentence? That was his favorite method of killing (cutting the throat) although he said strangulation was also his favorite. He was lucky! One time he and two of his friends decided that it was time for a serial rapist to commit suicide and he was found hanging by the neck from an electrical cord. It was ruled a suicide. My friend told me about another way of killing that he did occasionally during the 60's and 70's in prison (he started doing time in the 50's and spent three stints in prison, so he saw the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's in prison... Killing men who disrespected him. He electrocuted a man for disrespecting his pet bird and stabbed another man through the heart for crossing the wrong boundary. But the most interesting type of killing he told me about was "hot shots."

My friend was white, and he was an equal opportunity murderer. It didn't matter to him whether a man was black, white or brown. Only, I pressed him about killing Mexicans because at that time in prison Mexicans were extremely cohesive, inter-related, and very dangerous. Based upon my own personal experiences, I had been burned by several Mexicans in minor drug deals and it pissed me off, because retaliation is dangerous and tricky, always not worth the trouble of revenge due to the certainty of another Mexican stabbing me for killing his cuz. That's when I put two and two together and realized that he gave "hot shots" to Mexicans. That way he could maintain good relationships with Mexican friends and never have to worry abput another Mexican getting revenge. Back in the 60's and 70's, many, many prisoners OD'd on heroin. Many were Mexicans and usually their OD's were thwir own fault... But a few times the shot of heroin was a "hot shot." My friend told me that a man (I surmised he was Mexican) burned him in a heroin deal by passing off bunk drugs. My friend questioned him about it and the guy said "I would never knowingly burn you, bro." My friend told me he waited until he got the materials needed then loaded a syringe with good heroin and gave the guy a small taster shot to build trust. The guy later asked for another shot and my friend drew up another shot of good stuff into one syringe. However, he put that syringe in his pocket and pulled out a syringe full of battery acid. The victim didn't see my friend switch syringes. But when the contents of that syringe went into that man's arm, he immediately yelled "It burns! It burns! WTF?" My friend replied, "I would never knowingly 'burn' you, bro." The man scrambled away and died in the prison's infirmary. Another type of "hot shot" involved giving a victim some heroin that was stepped on, that is, cut with so much other stuff that the guy gets used to getting a little high from a little paper of heroin. So he asks for more, and my friend pulls out pure heroin and loads up a syringe with the larger amount of heroin. He then stuck the man with a syringe containing pure heroin and the guy OD'd. When I asked if this was how he dealt with Mexicans who crossed the line, he just smiled and said "Your pretty smart, kid." That's how he confirmed or denied killings, with gestures and words that don't incriminate him. He was very dangerous! Very! He helped me with my own anger management issues by passing along knowledge. Now I'm a nonviolent member of society.

Just wanted to share what I knew about hot shots. Also, I can say that in prison, not every suicide is a suicide and not every OD is an OD. Not every killer is a killer. And it's always a good idea to treat everyone with respect because some old man that looks harmless may not be harmless: he might separate your head from your body!

That old friend of mine was released from prison in his late 60's, having spent about 40 years confined.
Oh yeah. I posted a story about sleep paralysis and forgot to mention something that happened to me. You mentioned the pins and needles sensation. Well I experienced the sensation of my body vibrating. The vibrations felt like waves washing up and down my body, with each wave feeling like it was trying to pull my spirit out of my body. The vibrations felt like thousands of pins and needles. Only once or twice, when I was really young, did the vibrations succeed in pulling me out of my body. Afterwards, I experienced lucid dreaming and the ability to float around in thin air. It's always scary though when the waves arrive because you feel as though the waves are trying to suck your spirit out of your body, and that seems like death, so I try to resist the vibrations. It's a freaky experience to say the least. FYI my sleep paralysis happened both with and without the vibrations.
Ryan Hurd advises people, who suffer from sleep paralysis, to concentrate on moving a toe even a little bit. Once the toe moves, move the foot, and keep on working on moving until the paralysis goes away. He also advised people to not freak out during sleep paralysis. Rather, to recognize it is just a sleep paralysis nightmare and nothing more, that you are experiencing what many other people experience. That seems to work to snap out of it.

However, I reject the notion that there is a scientific explanation for the figures witnessed by sufferers, when everyone sees the same thing. A dark hooded figure, with red eyes, a shadow man, or an old hag. There is a spiritual explanation for this though.
Your summary of sleep paralysis is dead on. You did your due diligence on research and it shows. I'm very glad you submitted this experience because others will learn from it. I think you came to the same conclusion about organized religion that most people come to that think for themselves. It's hard for any logical person to reconcile what is preached because it flat out doesn't make sense. I was about nine when I started asking pesky questions about religion and was told to hush up, believe and have faith. No answers, just that. I too believe a lot of what Jesus said but so much has been twisted to suit agendas of power hungry forces.

Thank you so much for your submission.
GreenEyedLady (guest) in Conscious Dream
I often hear ringing in my ears when I quiet my mind, it's not loud and it soothes me at night. I can make it come and go whenever, my question is, does this happen with astral projection?
Is it possible to know that are you projecting or dreaming

I had two incidents when I was kid
1st one is that I was able to see earth (not clearly) and was with someone discussing something. I think it was a dream...

2nd one I don't remember, clearly I saw that everything was extremely dark and I was not scary at all, I was not able to see anything, then I don't know why, I woke up with a high jolt, and I saw that my aunt was sitting behind me and caressing my head
Hi Sergey,
I think that qualifies as the beginning of an astral projection. There is a beginner's guide that I wrote on this site that might help you. Education on the subject is very important as it will point the way but also help minimize fear, which is inevitable when those pre-projection symptoms occur.

Thanks for sharing.
Linkinparkakash in My Obe Experience
[at] Mukhtar, oh, thank you for the advice, I'll remember from now on. Have a nice journey. 😊
Most early projections are scary as they are generally unstable and a state we're not accustomed to. There is still plenty of time in your life though, if you're interested, to explore this and get through the fear and hopefully on to some amazing experiences.

Thanks for sharing,
This morning in my astral projection I manifested myself into an ancient planet where I swam with large whales that looked like they had orange tulip shaped heads. They were one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. I felt serene in the warm blue water, watching the sunlight dance over the ocean floor with the coral reef and the fish swimming down under me. The whales were large, bigger than 18 wheelers and I just weaved in and out of green sloping islands with them. That's the farthest I've gotten in a projection. Congrats to you and your whale projection!
Me and my ex broke up 6 months ago, we ended on good terms but then bad terms. It was a very happy relationship and broke up to work on ourselves. While astral traveling I saw him. It was me and him sitting on a bench then it was me in a hospital bed him by my side then it was him in a hospital bed me by his side. Please tell me what this could possibly mean?
mercylinkia in A Black Ocean

Start meditation and go through chakra cleansing process, probably your muladhara chakra is not able to release energy (due to some blocked fear in your mind) , Start chanting as per your religious faith, specially on full and no moon days.

Positive affirmation would be helpful
Gremthena in A Black Ocean
Thank you, I'm more fearful of these entities growing an attachment to me. I would love to know what they want. I always dream of them, I will say one experience has caused my fear. A dream where cloak beings were around me and seemed rather pushy.
AnneV in A Black Ocean
Though this site isn't intended for dream interpretation, you were probably astrally flying over the ocean at night.

Maybe these beings are waiting for you to make contact, once you've worked through your fear. It's quite clear you're holding a lot of fear. You mentioned fear (thus causing anxiety) of lucid dreaming, astral projection, and the entities which caused a panic event upon waking. What is it you're afraid of? Fear is the number one obstacle to all of our progress and much of it is not necessary. In time, you may get tired of it holding you back and then step forth and confront it one small item at a time. I know I was fearful too but eventually wanted my power back and faced it.

Thanks for sharing,
one-light (guest) in A Demon In My Dream
I don't know if you are still on here - this is my first message on this forum, but I've researched this goings on stuff with voices/seeing things for many years - you can start by raising your energy vibrations, you can search online on how to do this if it keeps happening... Good luck.
I crave to experience what I experienced. I felt as though I met the Source of everything. Studying quantum physics, I found that everything is a vibration, and that there is more space in our molecular structure than there is matter. I was having a existential crisis the night I sat down to meditate. Worrying about how I had wasted 42 years of my life, being addicted to drugs and alcohol. All I wanted was peace. That experience, brought a peace into me, that I have never known. So unexpected and so needed. I read the book
" The Power of Now " and it had so many answers that related to me. It was as though it had been written for me. Nothing I have ever experienced in this world, has ever compared to what I experienced. It has been over a year now since my experience. I know that no one will ever know what my experience in my head is like, but that won't stop me from asking. Thank you again for your service ❤️
Thank you for your help in my question. Very nice of you, to reply to my post. ❤
Lightning (guest) in The Hag, The Second Visitor
As I was reading this post I kept reminding myself of the fact that we create our reality. In all likelihood you were astral projecting and in this state your unconscious fear started to create exactly that something terrifying.

Your insomnia that followed is simply again your "reactive" mind trying to avoid the fear that you felt. The experience was that intense that your mind has "programmed itself" to try to avoid it happening again, just like if you would have encountered something dangerous in the wild. Since it is your reactive mind's job to protect you, it is all that is happening:).

As a child I had many nightmares running away from demons... It wasn't until my twenties that I started allowing them in my dreams and faced them. It wasn't after a looooong subway chase in my dream that I finally turned around and told them to do whatever, I was tired of running. In this moment their shadowy black appearances changed. And they became people... Which is what I am ACTUALLY most afraid of in my life haha

No way around it, you are going to have to "meet her" and remember she is just a fear of yours, personified/entity-fied:)
I think you said it well when you said you had a sudden enlightenment experience. You were gifted in a few moments what it takes many, if not most people, a lifetime or more to come to the same conclusion; we are one, our body is but a host so that we may experience lessons in the physical framework and that time is but an illusion.

The vibrations are also tied to astral projection. When I project, the vibrations are so tremendous that it often either shocks me back into my body or I think we're having an 8.0 earthquake. It takes the actual experience to know what this is really like and now you do. People ask me if a tingling is the vibration and I clearly tell them 'no' it's not. As you found out, there is no mistaking these vibrations for a real transfer of consciousness from one plane to another.

I'm glad this experience helped you out of a difficult time. And to think that things in general now are even more tumultuous.

Thanks so much for sharing.

Jesus is King (guest) in The Hag, The Second Visitor
Honestly, before I sleep I would bleed the blood of JESUS CHRIST and ask a host of angels to protect me before I sleep with faith. Also, ask God to help fight your insomnia.

"It is vain for you to rise up early, to sit up late, to eat the bread of sorrows: for so he giveth his beloved sleep." Psalm 127:2
Anonymoose (guest) in Almost Astral Projected, I Think?
I see. Yeah, reality checks are good for helping you lucid dream. I've also heard of techniques that help you stay in the lucid dream if yours don't tend to last too long, but none come to me off the top of my head. I'm sure if you researched you could find a technique to help you with that. Sorry for replying late, I don't really use this forum. If you keep it up, you will definitely see results! Good luck my friend!
Your meditations sounds pretty cool. One thing I've noticed hearing from some people who astral project, is how they can feel "bigger" than their physical body. That begs the question, where does our astral form begin and end? We know quite clearly the boundaries of our physical one but it's not always clear on the astral. I know personally that I can pick up a much winder band of frequencies when I am in both the etheric and the astral so you talking about "hearing silent sound waves". We really are transmitters.

Thanks for sharing.
This is closer to what I call the catatonic state. I wrote an article on this webpage here:


He could have turned this into a full blown conscious astral projection but he just didn't know how. I also wrote a Beginner's Guide should he ever (or you) be interested:


Thanks for sharing.
Dutch Guest (guest) in Almost Astral Projected, I Think?
Well, I've noticed that when lucid dreaming I never have a Phone or interest in it. While in an A.P. It's sort of a reality check, it never shows time only weird symbols, I've had it with my old alarm clock in the past and now with my old non smartphone which I keep by my bed. It Always acts off, in no way like it should. When I'm not sure if I'm awake or not I've taught myself to grab the Phone and check it, usually helps in my case to know what's what. Unfortunatly my experiences never last long.
hawkfrost-isrightfulclanleader in Hello Stranger
maybe he's trying to warn you of something, I have seen something similar to your little vistor, I once seen an man with black-fading to white at the bottom hair, he had icy blue eyes, he couldn't speak, and I finally decided to pull out an spirit, can't spell out the boreds name cuz I can't remember the name, and tho the bored was for paranormal... He commicated with it, he told me these exact words "hello, my name is shadow, I am the prince of shadows. And i've been trying to warn you of something, your uncle is dying, so you need to say your farewells, also we will meet in person. Goodbye" (thank god I wrote that down so I can remember it) anyways, maybe use an spirit bored? Also i've read somewhere that green eyes can sometimes mean something spiritual. You really need to know what he's saying, it could be urgent
Anonymoose (guest) in Almost Astral Projected, I Think?
No sir, I have never looked at the display of my phone, actually. The only experience I have looking at my phone was during some sort of weird not really A.P. More of a lucid dream, and when an app finished loading, I woke up back in my bed. What sort of benefits do you find in watching the display of your phone?
Dutch Guest (guest) in Hello Stranger
That's though, I guess many times it happens without even realising it. A friend claims to have seen me without me knowing I was projecting and my daughter claimed I visited her in her dreams when she was younger (we live apart). And though during that time I dreamt of her also I have no recollection of projecting to her...

I hope you meet him!
Dutch guest (guest) in Almost Astral Projected
Hi there,

The noises are part of the deal I'm afraid, but also very usefull, you want them (in my experience) loud and high pitched, when their low and almost like the sound you get from a good long yawn they have proven to be a deal breaker for me since they allways seem to end up in a dark trip, the higher frequency the better I guess, but I'm not entirely sure if that's for everyone.

My personal method has taught me to stop trying during the day but keep yourself into it, thinking about it, keeping journals etc...
Nowadays I go to bed at night, empty my head of any thoughts except of a simple mantra, whatever you feel comfortable with, try to keep that up while only focusing on your forehead until you fall asleep. Chances are high (In my case) you wake up around 3/4 am with the noises, then try your personal method.

Good luck!
Dutch guest (guest) in Almost Astral Projected, I Think?
Hi there,

First of all, I am in no way way an experienced traveler, just one who like you is scratching the surface in this 'quest' for what's out there.

You said you where holding your phone, have you ever watched the display during an event? If not, you might be surprised, it's a link I seem to find useful.

hawkfrost-isrightfulclanleader in The Dream Of The Ghostly White Dog
*i had the dream* not *the I had the dream* R.I.P my grammer, stupid notepad
I believe and I'm sorry to say but the way you described your ex looking... That it was either an angel or a demon appearing that way to not scare you. I think the little candle ceremony called to something or "turned the light on" for something you did not want to come. I believe to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord as the Bible says. So I believe your ex is in heaven and would not be able to come back and if he was able it would not be so sketchy and with odd shaped eyes. I've done a lot of research into demons. Jesus is my savior. Felt the need to let you know my feelings. Thanks and God bless.
Heather (guest) in Lower Vibrational Parasites
Thank you AnneV mod. I believe I am at a low vibration seeing as recently every time I astral project it is not pleasant. I had a suspicion I have some work to do if I want to have a pleasant experience. I think that has a lot to do with afterlife too. We need to raise our vibration for many reasons. Especially if we want to have a pleasant afterlife and pleasant experience whilst astral projection. Though these experiences are not pleasant now. Just shows there is a lot of work to do to achieve peace.
Antionette (guest) in Children In Spiritual Places
Very painful story yet so beautiful. I know those souls will be free someday. Let us pray for them all
Gon (guest) in The Tall Thin Woman
Hi, I saw the same woman, like 3 times. I also founded records of this tall woman in a documentary, and in a the movie "Mara".
Thank you Anne! This is my first experience in 1995. I've had many more since and look forward to sharing them with such receptive, caring souls like yourself!

Keep it Astreal!
Seth ❤
You're doing some really great things (writing on your hand, keeping a journal, doing your research, etc).

As I have written on my page countless times, fear is the number one obstacle to successful out of body experiences. The good news is that if you keep at it, you'll work through that and get better and go farther.

I wouldn't get too hung up on things "matching" the astral to the etheric to the physical. I've seen animals that weren't mine (probably the spirit of former house owners), objects I didn't own (probably the same as the cat-- someone else's stuff), and the body can appear backwards and who knows what else. You can meet and talk to people that are "awake" and they won't remember and all sorts of stuff. The astral is a funny place. I've read repeatedly that all of ourselves does not fully incarnate so that's why we can talk to people that are awake. Every time an owner comes and goes, residual energy imprints are left and we can often see them, depending on how long they lived there, attachments and so forth. If you read my beginner's guide, one of the strongest recommendations I make are to get away from your body (or the pull will bring you back and there are also other etheric anomalies), and to have an agenda. What is your goal? Know where you want to go, who you want to see. This will get old just hanging around your body looking at your misty hands. As any of us who project will tell you, this is often hard so make the most of it with an agenda.

Great job!
How many days before u actually experience astral travel using this mantra
Visions "just are". It's our emotions that make them positive or negative. In one regard, if you have a high suspicion someone is going to pass, you have that extra time to say your goodbyes and heal any breaches. Most people don't get that.

Having visions while driving must be quite alarming. It doesn't sound like you have even a small amount of time to pull over which is unfortunate.

If you're going to have them whether you like them or not, have you considered trying to have them while under a controlled state? You might be able to glean something quite positive out of it. If you're stuck with something, might as well try and make the most of it. I know Pam Coronado offers remote viewing classes for beginners. You might be excellent at it and may even be able to find missing persons, or some other altruistic contribution.

Thanks for sharing,
Ignore Ambers comment. She's another one of those demented bible thumbers who don't know what they're talking about.

You've had your first conscious astral projection. Since it wasn't intentional, you were not properly grounded. Grounded as in you didn't prepare your vibrational state and your mind for this experience which caused your fears to manifest and terrify you. Think positive thoughts. Eat healthy, non-processed foods. Stay away from alcohol. Have crystals and plants nearby. All of these can properly ground you sp that if you ever do experience another astral projection, it would most likely be a very magnificent experience as long as you stop with the fear. You create your surroundings in this realm. What you think and wish and where you want to go is what you get.
Hello Gremthena, thanks for sharing your experience. I can relate to your experiences with the cloaked figures, I had three of them beside my bed during a sleep paralysis episode, I've also had them try to lure me into certain areas.
What got my attention because it strikes a deep cord with me is the sexual intercourse. I've had this happen to me on numerous occasions, and my research on the topic usually always points to Incubi and Succubi.
Most sources refer to these beings as demons, some as parasites, some as both. From what I understand, these beings are like life force vampires, they can instil a strong lust mixed with stark terror and they feed off of the energy that these emotions put off, leaving you drained and exhausted the next day.
I'm not trying to scare you just referring to what I've researched. These can also be human entity's who were sexually addicted in life and are drawn to this energy and don't want to let go of it.
I find it interesting that your sister has seen them as well. I don't know you or your sisters age however I've read that people in their teens are often targeted, especially if they're going through a lot of turmoil, this is what happened to me.
I just want you to know that you're not alone and you don't have to knuckle under to these beings, believe in yourself and the positive energy you bring. Find laughter where you can, this tends to confuse and throw them off and when you emanate confidence, compassion and love, they can't harm you. Stay strong.
As the author and editor of this webpage, I can't count the times people have mentioned "cloaked beings". There is one point to being cloaked, and that's to remain hidden. To remain hidden can mean that their appearance will scare the person they are presenting themselves to or the other time I personally saw a cloaked being was a being that started non cloaked but when I saw it, it immediately drew a cloak around itself. In a dark sky or surrounding, they can almost become invisible. When I asked the being "Why did you cloak yourself?" It said, "Aren't you afraid?" And I said "no." In its own way, it was thinking it was protecting me from a reaction of fear. But if beings are presenting themselves right off the bat cloaked, they are probably trying to spare you their appearance. And are you sure the cloaked beings aren't also the dark leathery ones? They may be the same. I saw a dark leathery being very much up close and personal and I was not afraid but I could see how others would very much be. It rather had the face of the quintessential "devil" with pointed chin and such. I can't say for certain that you had a past live with them, only observing that they are interested in you. Since I can't climb into their mind, it's only a guess on my part. "Something" about you attracts them, otherwise you'd not run into them.

Regardless of their interest in you, you do have free will to tell them to go.

We are human "beings" but we're not the only "beings" out there. There are lots. And as we start to explore OBEs and such, that's when we start to run into them.

Thanks for sharing your interesting experiences.
AnneV, thank you for your feedback, it means a lot! And which being was I in my past life? The hooded beings or this leathery type one? This was the first time ever seeing the leather type one but now that you've mentioned it, I've had multiple dreams of these cloak entities and I've always been quite drawn to them. I have no idea why but I am.
You could have been out of body when looking at your sleeping form (likely).

Being told to hate anything is not spiritually developed but you may have a kinship with this type of being. I don't think that one had 'burnt skin', more like that's just how it looked. I've seen those dark leathery types too. You may have been one of them in a past life which is why they still show interest. You may have incarnated in this live time because you wanted to evolve past them. Them trying to lower you to their level (hate) is because they don't want you to move on to higher planes of consciousness. So the choice is yours to tell them "leave me be--peacefully" or buy into what they say. I think this is the lesson for all of us. Doesn't matter if it's a cloaked being or a racist-- hate is hate and it will lower your vibrations and trap you into lower realms and experiences while here on earth. Not to mention that 'like attracts like' and a person, or being, will draw more of that to themselves.

Hope this helps.
Gantavya sehgal (guest) in My First Obe
Can anyone help me by being my mentor and guide in this I tried to learn ap and I m very near to it I feeled like living the body and then just can't able to I m still trying if anyone of u can be my mentor ill be very greatfull to u
A lot of people have nocturnal seizures, you should look into that.
As you mentioned, you have a strong spiritual connection to your son so it's not surprising he comes to you when you're under duress. As you found out though, he was okay.

Part of why people have conscious out of body experiences is to overcome fear. Repeatedly you have had false awakenings and have been frightened. There will come a point (as it will for all of us), when we will die and there will be no coming back. Instead of letting terror overcome you, find a place of peace and beauty. If it's not your time to pass, you will wake naturally when your body is rested. And you also mention your travels are diminishing so it's even more of a reason to make the most of the ones you have. We can adopt patterns when we project-- patterns of fear or patters of peace.

You may have endured the loss of your son in a previous life and that pain may still be in your energetic body. This may be something you simply have to work through. We lose sight of the fact that death is as natural as birth. We all birth and we all die. It's the process of letting go that allows us to heal.

All I can say is try and make the most of your travels. Seek the light and the beauty and let go of the terror and the occasions when you can't immediately return to your physical shell. As you now know, you do come back and your children are okay. I know personally I had to go through a lot of fear and learning to overcome that. Even meeting "scary" things in the astral, I know send it love and sure enough, it morphs into something positive. The astral is often a reflective place. Project light and love and that's what you'll experience. Rather like in the physical!

Thanks for sharing.
Mukhtar (guest) in My Obe Experience
When you move out of your body you will feel or can listen the sounds of entities (ghosts) try to control yourself that time and go to astral travel have a nice journey☺️
This is demons trying to torment you in your sleep. Pray every night and say Jesus during this experience so it can leave.
Rose123 in Confusing Dreams
I read the article! Such a great suggestion I will start to keep a journal of these things!
I wrote an article about dreams on my sister site:


It's almost impossible to interpret other people's dreams as mentioned in the article. I'd start by reading it and see where your intuition leads you.

AnneV in Black Mist
No one can say for sure what the history of the house was. Negative energies often focus on young adults because of their high energy. I know it was that way for me when I was young. And the more "open" you are, the more susceptible you are to that.

I wrote an article about shadow people. Maybe this will help?
You experienced the classical first stage of an OBE. As I wrote on this webpage (I'm the author of all the articles, including the Beginner's Guide), you can see through closed eyes, communicate telepathically, see beings-- human or otherwise-- that are in a different dimension and so on. We all "project" into the astral when we sleep, we're just not aware or conscious of the transition of consciousness. Sleep paralysis is a good thing as it prevents us from acting out our dreams and hurting ourselves or others. 

I can only give you a "theory" on the eye appearance. One thing I've postulated for decades is what makes people think in this infinite universe that we only come from earth and only incarnate as humans? I think we can have lives elsewhere and as other beings. If his most recent life had eyes like that, it may affect his appearance after death. He doesn't have a "body" only condensed energy that takes the shape of a body. The body of course is shed upon death.

Everything is vibration (my mantra as well as any scientists and even the bible's). Heaven and hell are just vibratory rates of existence. Just like the earth and the physical dimension is vibrating at a certain frequency. If you know you can leave your body then you must know you survive physical death. Where you "go" is based on your own frequency-- fine or coarse. This is the whole point of any religion. Be "good" so that you have a higher frequency and go (resonate) to a finer place, i.e., heaven, the higher astral plane, nirvana, etc. Hell is just a lower vibrating plane of existence. There are innumerable life forms and at all levels ranging from angels to lower entities that you might call demons. Again, this universe is far too large and multi-dimensioned to just house little planet earth and her earthlings.

Believing in Christ provides you nothing if you are not living the path of Christ (or Buddah, Muhammad, whomever is your deity). Christ consciousness is within, not a label you cling to for hope and salvation ("Split a piece of wood and I am there. Look under a rock and you will find me"). The days we lead will determine where our frequency is at when we cross over. Plain and simple and even scientific. You go where you resonate. Your friend ended up where he resonated not where he believed. His actions and thoughts dictated (as it does for all of us) his place. The beings that are negative are not trying to drag him to hell, those are lines for a movie. They are just like living beings; like attracts like. Just like your friend that relapsed. She went back to the place she resonated at and she'll end up there too after she dies. This is not judgement, it's more science. We determine our own fate not God or Satan. We're free to make those choices, for better or for worse.

Yes you did use your own free will. Even if we are physically in a prison we can still use our free will to accept it with grace or writhe in agony. Just like you're still using your free will to further block experiences of projection due to fear (which I write on my webpage is the number one obstacle to growth of any kind). 
There is a deeper understanding required of the astral to answer the "can someone pull a person into the astral" question". You yourself, as do all of us, have an astral body. That body doesn't just go away when you wake up. So no one gets pulled anywhere. What happens is that your consciousness shifts from one "body" to the next. When you sleep or astral project (consciously), you're just moving the consciousness to a finer filter. You could just as easily communicate with your friend in sleep but most people are not conscious in sleep so the subconscious takes over and delivers an array of material, much of what is not understood by the dreamer. People rarely wake up (go lucid) in a dream, let alone take control and communicate. 

Though astral projection attempts follow patterns (like the vibrations, loud sounds, seeing through closed eye lids, etc.) none are truly the same. And that's because we are all vibrating at different frequencies so what one person is capable of perceiving/experiencing will potentially be vastly different than another. Just like life after life-- where you resonate, you go.

It's hit and miss on "intentionally" projecting. You initially had a great desire, set intent and even set up a ritual (I was applauding you all the way as I read that). But in the very same post you talk of fear and how you use it to block yourself. Fear generally trumps desire, especially if you have low level beings scurrying about-- any sane person would be afraid of that. There are thousands of instances of what people remember, backgrounds, etc. This subject is too extensive to label solely as what is "typical". 

You are still leagues beyond most people. You have the wherewithal to question what you're told about reality and actually took some steps to explore and learn on your own. That's great. I hope you keep exploring, questioning and expanding your own consciousness. Life on earth is a mere breath. It behooves us to make the most of it.

Thanks so much for sharing.
Thank you so much! It makes me feel less afraid knowing my cat is trying to connect.

I'm going to read the beginners guide now:)
I'm sure it was your cat. I too lost a beloved pet awhile back and they do come to visit.

You're going to have to tackle this fear thing or it's going to continue to ruin your attempts. Remember, you project all the time in your sleep and come back fine.

It sounds like your efforts are working for you. Keep doing what you're doing but work through the common fear issue. I don't know if you've read my beginner's guide yet, but it walks you through what to do and what to expect:


The Healer (guest) in New Mantra For Astral Projection
The key to Astral Projection is keeping your mind awake and your body asleep. This Mantra will keep your mind awake while your body rests. Just do not divert your mind anywhere else and focus on the mantra. You will soon feel your body getting heavier and sleep. Since, your mind is still active, it will eventually lead to Astral Projection. However, Don't get excited when your subtle body starts to leave the physical body as excitement will cause your subtle body to fall back into physical body. Stay Calm during the process.

Regarding the Mantra, Its actually the sounds of vibrations that entire universe and planets produce. Every atom vibrates at a frequency. In our dimension, it vibrates at 7.5 Htz. However, there are many other realms and dimensions that vibrates at other frequencies. Since, we are unable to vibrate at their frequencies, we cannot see them.

To control the vibration of our body, we can see everything ourselves. This Mantra helps in that.

If you have any more questions, fee free to ask.
Lethu Mthembu (guest) in I Think I'm Close
Yes you are indeed on the verge of having an OBE. My advice is for you to try envisioning your astral body lifting, do not do it, just let it happen.

Best of Luck
Lethu Mthembu (guest) in I Think I'm Close
Yes, you indeed on the verge of having an OBE. My advice is for you to try envisioning your astral body lifting, do not do it, just let it happen.

Best of Luck
I've had experiences being penetrated (in state right before waking up). I was paralyzed and was wide awake. It felt real and I heard it growl when I finally snapped out of sleep paralysis.
Trisha2019 (guest) in I Saw Myself On The Bed Sleeping
I keep having the same dream kind of but what looks like it did the devil kept telling me he was going to be coming for me in a matter of days and then tonight I had a really bad out of body experience something wus pulling me and dragging me into the air! I could see my body laying on the bed I remember I couldn't move my arms at all I wish trying to repeatedly yap my fiance! But I could move my legs wus going crazy I'm so freaked I can't go BK go bed,! I believe what we both encountered wus out of body experiences. But I would like to know why this thing keeps trying to take me away...
That's great you can stay lucid for so long. Most people just get distracted and fall into a dream scape. For me, I like to have a destination in mind, which helps me focus and make the most out of my experience. Several authors have spoken about using the "Clarity now!" Command to sharpen their experience. I know it works for me too,

I have never seen my astral cord but honestly have never looked for it.

Thanks for sharing.
LottiTheSeer in Familiar Faces
I agree, and I have had positive results staying in and sending out positive vibrations. I've wondered the same thing about the Native American, in fact there is a lot more to this story with the Native American and I was going to reveal it later on in the time progression. However, since you've mentioned Him possibly being a guide, I'll fill you in on some more information. In October of 2018 I started getting grabbed at night, mainly my feet. I would get grabbed or slapped or touched in some way. I decided to buy a camcorder with infra-red night vision and start investigating. I set the camera facing the foot of my bed and recorded when I went to bed. What we found on the recording visually would be light anomalies that could be orbs, or they could be bugs or dust flurries, just can't say for sure. What shows up on audio though, is simply mind blowing. The sound of a rattle starts in, this continues throughout the recording. The rattle will sound with a distinct pattern then stop for a few seconds before starting again. About three quarters of the way through the recording, a banging sound starts, it sounds like it could be a drum. This drumming sound usually follows the same pattern as the rattle and always ramps up in intensity until the camera battery runs out and the camera shuts off. I'm usually awake when these are being recorded and I don't hear a thing. My Husband said that it sounded Native American so I started researching the local Native Americans in this area, the Kumeyaay. I was browsing their website when I came across a picture of an old man. Anne I recognised this man as the man I've seen in my room and at the hotel. His name is Cinon Duro Mataweer, and he was the tribal Shaman, Medicine Man, and a teacher. Thanks again for your comments.
The Native American might have been your guide and dressed as a security guard to show you he was there for you.

I'd be sending a message to the trench-coat guy that "I wish you well but I have no need or desire to see you again. Please go." Don't do what it wants you to do, fight, as that just lowers your vibrations to his level-- as it does in the physical. I've gotten rid of several negative beings by not getting angry but by just sending them positive farewells.

Thanks for sharing.
To me the experience seems sensible, it's your baby... Go comfort him
You might want to consider getting a fire baptism. Sure things happen in the astral. However you do not ruminate, discuss, or vex over such nonsense. It happens.

Most of the time it's being done by dark ETs to shock you and create chaos, or worse... Enter this dimension where they have no business being. Sure as shiat, you'll end up in another dimension. They RIDE US. How's that for a wake up call.

Stop hanging out with anyone with a dirty aura. If you see a malevolent ET in someone's energy field, don't let them into your home.

Satanists oftentimes will carry these beings with them thinking they hold some bullshiat power over others with them. In truth, they are being run by inter dimensional handlers of a malevolent nature and are being played by them like crazy.
jitkinge (guest) in Vivid Dreaming= What's Next?
-Record them, like I do, and then write short stories about them... Maybe even a book and a sequel, like I have;)
-Ask relevant life questions, see what happens...
-Talk to dream characters, see what plane (et) they think you're on, ask who is mayor or president there...etc. Start to name worlds and or places you visit often...
-Teach them how to fly or have vivid dreams in the dream... Have a class...
-Refine flying, for yourself, like I have... Cool take off and landings, speed up slow down... Since you spend so much time there you are in a position to learn whatever you wish.
LottiTheSeer in New Home New Experiences
There were definitely times when I was afraid to go to bed at night, even go into my room. However, over the years of dealing with this stuff I've also learned that eventually everyone who crosses into this domain will indeed be tested. Controlling your emotions, especially fear is key here. Your emotions are very readable over there, and those who resonate in low frequency vibrations will be drawn to those emanating low frequency vibrations. If I'm attacked or assaulted I either can return to my body and wake up, or I can confront my attacker without fear, this will either transport me to a higher plane, or my attacker will transform into something non threatening. While awake I've only really felt malevolence in this house once, and I will be submitting that story pretty soon. This house is filled with love, and those old parasites must be frustrated with the changes in me, however from time to time, they still try. Thanks again for your comment Anne.
That place you live sounds like a mess of negative energy. I think it would be easier to move than deal with all that! You could try some energy clearing but it sounds as if it's pretty strong there. Maybe try swapping rooms with your husband and see if that helps.
Thanks for sharing,
Mukul (guest) in My First Obe
Just try to feel the power of your spirit, their are no limits! You can do any thing like travelling future and past, have you seen dragon ball z,goku creates energy balls that are too powerful. We can do stuff like that too. Obviously not like him we can not create such energy in physical world because that's against the rules of physics but we can make them in spritual or astral world and bring that energy to phisycal world. Not only distructiv energy but also creative and healing energy. Try it 😊
LottiTheSeer in The Tall Thin Woman
The techniques I use the most are dream recall and reality checks. I find the more I recall my dreams, the more likely I am to have a lucid dream. I also ask myself during the day, "am I dreaming"? I do this throughout the day to get myself in the habit of questioning my reality. Eventually if I do this enough, combined with the strong desire to go lucid, I usually do. However the majority of my lucid dreams are what they call WILDS, wake induced lucid dreams. This is because my conscious mind is usually still awake when my body falls asleep. To stay lucid in a lucid dream, if I see the detail beginning to fade, I'll often look at my hands, or I'll spin. For some reason when I spin that often puts me back into vivid surroundings. Sometimes I simply say "clarity now" and that often works. I hope I answered your question. Thanks for commenting.
I wrote about the catatonic state here:

What techniques do you use to become lucid?
Thanks for sharing,
LottiTheSeer in Began Lucid Dreaming
Thanks for commenting Anne,
When I had this first experience, I didn't even know that a person could become lucid in a dream. I've had varying experiences in lucidity, when I see the vividness starting to go away I will use techniques to stay lucid and revive the clarity.
There's been a few times when I slipped into a regular dream after being lucid however fortunately for me that doesn't happen too often, I'm usually lucid until I wake up. As for having a goal in mind, this being my first lucid dream, my only goal was to explore. As the years went by I started having pre set goals more often, but still find myself simply exploring as well.
I'm sharing these in chronological order to the best of my ability so the earlier experiences differ quite dramatically as far as content and experience.
Thanks again,
How fortunate to be lucid for this experience. Most people slip into a 'dream' (releasing control from the conscious mind to the subconscious). I wrote in my Beginner's Guide that it's helpful to have a goal in mind. Who did you want to see, where did you want to go, etc. These astral experiences, especially lucid, can be rare so I personally like to make the most of them.

Thanks for sharing!
You all where about to die, the demons/fallen ones was going to crash it hence the dark cloud you saw, BUT Jesus/God protected it "Golden hands" Thank God!
Thanks for sharing Rob, I just wanted to comment on your experience of everything looking "moon lit". In my out of body experiences everything often appears a greyish blue, almost grainy or slightly fuzzy.

To me, this falls into the "Catatonic state". I wrote an article about that here on this site:


There probably was an entity near the room but that does not mean it had to be negative. What we don't know we fear.

Thanks for sharing,
I haven't astral traveled before, but I've done hours of research on it because it was intriguing. If you have a high vibration, you will be on the upper plane (the good side) of the astral plane. The lower vibrations will send you to the lower planes (where the demons and negative energy live). If you can't do this on your own, ask archangel michael to help. You don't even have to be religious for him to help you once you ask for help.
This is associated with pre projection. If you read the Beginner's Guide you'll see where I wrote about the vibrations. They can be so strong that I mistake them for an earthquake. If you are interested in astral projection, you can will them to be stronger (usually by quieting your thoughts and keeping excitement minimal). It takes strong vibrations for the separation process.
Thanks for sharing!
I used to astral project and have sleep paralyze as a kid around 7 or 9. I remember a few times seeing my body sleeping in a dark room with light engulfed only my body but yet I was seeing this up in the air I don't know what it was really. I also used to have nightmares bad. Sometimes I was aware I was sleeping and couldn't move or wake up even tho I kept telling g myself to wake up most times I would stop breathing and I would again tell myself to " breath wake up wake up" eventually I would snap out of it gasping for air that was the most scary thing I have ever been thru. My sisblings and I also thought our house was haunted by a baby we would hear ceying at night and cupboarda and drawers would open in the kitchen without anyone being in there. I experienced a lot of trauma in my youth but after all that stuff happened I turned to go started praying for god to make me forget everything bad thing that has happened to me block it whatever and it worked I don't remember much of my childhood at all. I guess its a good thing I no longer astral project or have sleep paralysis anymore as a adult. It only happened as a child like I saif I prayed to god to take away all my memories of all that stuff that happened to me.
Your lucky I've been trying to do it and I can feel my toes separating from my body but that's it anyone have a tip on how to really separate body to astral body
How did you come across the "OB OV OM OH" mantra. What does it mean? Where can I find more information about how to recite it properly...?
Something was trying to warn you off of astral projecting and using your own fear against you.
There is no hell. Fear exists inside of us. Project love and strength to counter negative entities.
You had a vision of hell. That is the way hell looks like. Go to YouTube and research dreams of hell. If you are not saved, ask Jesus to reveal Himself to you. Call out the name of Jesus for protection. He has kept me safe during those types of dreams. Ask Him to save you. Hell is very real and it describes it in the Bible. Read the Bible especially the story about the rich man and Lazarus.
talk to a neurologist about exploding head syndrome or look up exploding head syndrome and Out of body


You may also want to look up 'reccuring dreams/nightmares on or consult a localmedium.
Hope you find the answers you seek.
RASMYKL in Epic Fails
Induce the vibratory state with your mind. Feel it in your body. Once vibrations occur, try another attempt at rolling out; pulling out or any other exit technique.
The Astral plane is controlled by our conscious and subconscious thoughts. If you believe evil exists, then that is what you will see/experience. If you believe in your own divinity then you experience the higher vibratory levels of existence. You MUST squash the fear that has been conditioned into you by our society. It is propagated to keep you locked in this lower state for reasons of control. Claim your birthright and Ascend to your higher being. Exclaim "Higher Self Now!". If you don't want to go there and just want to get back to this "reality", then command "body now!"
The Healer (guest) in Nde? Or Obe?
You had an OBE known as Astral Travel. You travelled to higher gates where power and peace resides but somebody dragged you down. May be, Its not the right time to enter that door.

May be in Near future. But what I drive from this story is that you have these powers by birth and something triggered them and they become active.

A trigger can be anything, Any accident, Shock or extreme sorrow, Something striked your head etc.

But these powers are now active. You need to be careful with using them and also you can use it to learn many new things.

All the inventions in this world actually came from Astral worlds. You can search for your spirit guide there or just call him to come and help you to identify your true path for life.

Good Luck
Don't listen to the fool that talked about narcolepsy. Narcolepsy is a spiritual gift that science does not understand. It appears people with this condition are the seers and the oracles of humanity. We make up less than 7 percent of the population.
AnneV in Nde? Or Obe?
This was an OBE. But if you think about it, what's the difference really between OBE and NDE? Your spirit leaves your physical shell in both cases. You just don't come back in one.

You fear this because you don't have knowledge yet outside of a few scraps here and there. There are plenty of book references on the site (I started with Robert Monroe and William Buhlman) and I also have a beginner's guide on this site. We fear what we don't know. But as you found out, if you get away from your physical shell (one of the first things I recommend in the guide) and move up in the astral, the experience can be quite wonderful.

Thanks for sharing.
Hi, I had an ex boy friend do this to me show up at the end of my bed while I was sleeping call out my name. And then showing up in my twin sister dreams. In the dream he acted territorial Good thing I knew something was off. First and foremost do you live near this ex? If so, you need to set up a defense system, psychically in your home. Secondly, I realized that my ex was doing either weed or some other drug that would make him extra sensitive to be traveling. Third, I went to a reader a good reliable one and she told me he feels guilty about how he treated me 13 years ago. Your ex might be going through dramatic live altering changes in his life that is their process not yours. Did you have bad ending in the relationship? If so what was missing in your life when you were with him. What does he have that you lack in your life? If you figure it out you can intergrate that and those feelings will go away.
I woke up once to find the man with the black suit and the void where his face would be sitting on the edge of my bed. I started to scream and move away from him, and he got down onto the mattress and started to crawl after me. It was the most terrifying visitation I have ever had, and I came here specifically looking for answers about this entity,
Fascinated (guest) in Just A Dream Or Something More?
I don't know if you'll read this, but thought I'd give it a shot. I agree with AnneV, what you described are signs of pre projection. When you become frightened, it typically ends the projection process. If you find yourself in a similar situation, remember to stay calm and focus on the vibrations and you should have success with AP.

I don't know if it was your grandfather. It sounds like you happened to enter the state needed for AP to occur (mind awake, body asleep). You mentioned you've attempted to project previously so I would think that's why this occurred.
TheHealer (guest) in Something That I Can Not Answer
First, It was not a normal thing that happens during Astral Projection. Something wants to exploit your soul power or drawn towards you.

The reason is that when you have fear or negative thoughts in brain and you try Astral travel, you will always land up in lower astral plane that has these entities and bad spirits.

Clear your mind of any such negative thoughts or fear. Just think of Love or God when you try Astral Travel. That will make you reach upper astral plane.

The thing is, when you are in upper astral plane, you will never feel fear. Its a happy feeling.

Happy Travelling...
I highly recommend you doing some meditation and trying to visualize white energy all around you, as a protection for your aura and your soul (spirit, Astral body, whatever you want to call it) and doing it daily. It will protect you from bad entities in your lucid dreams and in your Astral trips.
The monks in the robes sound like the mantis (insectoids)
They use sleep paralysis so you won't hurt yourself or them in case you panic.
They are master geneticists. Nothing to fear.
Most people who have had experiences with the insectoids have had experiences way back to their childhood.
Some people remember a clicking sound in the room when they are there.
Perhaps try googling manstis insectoid and see if it resonates.
TallerOller (guest) in My First Detail Oobe
Wow! What a good read, really makes me wonder about the fascinating beings in those other planes. Thank you for posting your experience on here so others like myself aren't so lost when we astral project for the first time.
SarahElizabeth (guest) in Confusing Astral Encounters
Lookup the term "sleep paralysis"...basically it's when the mind wakes up before the body...don't try so hard to get out of it, just try to relax and focus on the body and it will soon wake up too
Live in horror constantly (guest) in Why Is This Happening?
I have this happen in my sleep and also wide awake. For 3 months I knew that one of my parents was going to die in Mexico. I know conversations before they happen, I experience situations without ever being in them and know things not possible unless I was there and it not only overwhelmes myself but scares my friends and acquaintances to the point I have none! I hate this loneliness and wish Everyday I could just die! Please someone help! I am unsuccessful at suicide, I have had past attempts, and all day every day I prey that I can convince myself I want to live because there is so much love and happiness I am surrounded by in my life, my family needs me, I have a beautiful year old grandson and my 2 amazing children tell me how much they love and need me but I can't find it in myself to believe I am anything other than toxic and I am just SICK and TIRED of life, I WANT OUT! I am 46 and have tried everything to change this disgusting, nagging feeling that has swallowed me and I am tired of pretending, telling people what they want to hear to relieve their worry! I'm desperate to give them honesty about my words when I say I have desire to live, they are worth it and I want to be there for them! HELP PLEASE?
Sherry (guest) in Demon In My Dream
I fell asleep. "Came to" outside my house wondering wth I was doing outside at that ungodly hour; Feb,cool,too early for birds etc and looking at the vinyl siding. As I looked down to see I was in the same PJs I had on when I went to bed. I heard footsteps coming towards me in the dead leaves. Never turning to see what was creeping up on me (as it was no animal) I took off running, but through the side of my house, into my daughters room, out her door, through the dining room and into the living room where I had actually fell asleep at on the couch. I looked in a panic for someone to help me being so freightened of what was after me. Someone was asleep on the couch (maybe my daughter I thought) I sat down behind their legs and was shaking them violently and hard trying to wake them up to help me. At that moment something caught my eye from the left at my entertainment center, it was looking at my things etc, and I could only see "it" from behind. At that very moment the robe of the sleeve "it" had on slid down and I became very sedated trying hard to hold my eyes open as I was wanting to see what or who "it" was (maybe it could help me idk). As soon as the sleeve slid down "its" arm, I seen "its" arm was very thin, white, and glistening. As if I was not suppose to see "it" I assumed because I went from panicking to being sedated in two micro seconds... I awoke immediately on the couch, in the same position as the person I was trying to wake. I'm 41 so I've seen a lot and been through a lot and that was at the top of my weird carp meter to date. Dreams seem forgettable the longer you're awake, but this experience left a lasting mark on my life! Any clue to what could have happened to me? Where did I go? Who was in my house? Why was I outside? I do not sleep walk. And why did "it" not want me to see "it"? I feel like I was abducted by aliens, but that just sounds too far out there even to me. HELP! -Sherry

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