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Black Portal Sucking My Soul?


I was 15 years old at this time, I still remembered I was living in Italy lido nord. A out skirt near rome like 30m away a apartment. Me and my brother were playing video games we tilted our head to look at the window. Now inside the window brings you out side kind of like a closed alley. In order to get in there you need to have a key and open another window from the other side. If someone leaves you hear the window shut close. Anyways we saw someone pass by my bro took a look the guy was gone. He looked like a plumer trying to fix something. On the other side there was my dad in the washroom he had a window he said he did not see anything when he looked at the window. I found it strange, we all asumed it was a spirit. I took a nap on my bed wich was in that room Bunck bed. On top went on my bed and took a nap. This part is strange right after we saw the spirit my body started coming out of my body!?!. I saw my self laying down sleeping and on the buttom I saw my bro playing video games. I got scared the worst part was on the right side of the wall I saw a black portal trying to suck me inside. Something was telling me not to go in the portal was evil. I don't know I got So scared trying to fight it getting away than I broke free quickly going in my body. After I wake up screaming scared taking deeb breath. Anyways this was the last time this happened to me what could mean? After e year I moved to canada evrething went normal. It never happens again thank God but I'm scared what could this mean?

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m (guest)
6 years ago (2018-04-13)
voyagers 2: secrets of amenti, may have info about portals
AnneV (80 posts) mod
7 years ago (2018-01-03)
I don't think the man you saw had anything to do with your astral separation. That came from your nap.

More times than not, what we see is neither positive nor negative but instead it's how we respond to it. Religion, beliefs, programming and other things push us in one direction or the other. I can't count the times that I thought something was frightening, only to let that go and find out it was all in my mind-set.

Thanks for sharing.

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