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Help: Did I See My Past Lives Through Astral Projection?


I'm not sure if this is an OBE and it probably is not but it certainly concerns the topic of sleeping and dreaming. I have asked almost all my friends and family if they have been someone else in their dreams and their response is always no.

I'm an eighteen year old woman and I've had dreams where I am not myself. My earliest memory of being someone other than myself in a dream is that of being a 17-19 year old boy who lives with his grandparents in Ireland since his parents had died. I remember another dream in which I was an eight year old black girl living in America during the Civil Rights period and I was running away with other black kids and adults to escape a group of white people who wanted to hurt us. Then, in another dream, I was a twelve year old European girl during the Victorian era learning to play the violin. Within that same dream, I also remember that I was a very young eskimo girl who was the last of her family to survive. She/I huddled next to my family on ice inside a small cave. Her/my family died of starvation. I consider these dreams to be oddly specific.

Could these be dreams about my past lives? Does this mean I was astral projecting and didn't know it? Are these dreams just very vivid dreams with no deeper meaning? I do not know if this is important to mention but the boy dream took place three years ago, the African American girl dream took place last year and the European and eskimo girl dream took place a couple months ago.

Also, I've had dreams that come true. For example, in a dream I was watching the film Inside Out. This dream occurred before the trailer and film were released. Then when I watched Inside Out for the first time, I knew and remembered the plot of the film. Am I astral projecting to future experience without knowing it, or are dreams like this simply clairvoyant dreams of the future? I apologize for my lack of knowledge, but I suppose that that is the purpose for this submission. Thank you!

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Vanzilar (guest)
6 years ago (2018-05-28)
For me this does not seem unusual. In my dreams I can change from one person to another often, but rarely for the entire dream sequence. The hard part is that often we only remember the last segment of a long and complex dream sequence. After dreaming to get more analysis try to remember everything that occurred

When we keep our minds clearer we can recall more of the sequences and events. And yes at least twice I have had dreams that were future visions. One was bad so I changed the future but only 67% of it but it was enough. Those types of dreams are not permanently set in stone. My Grandma had similar or perhaps greater abilities and taught all her descendants that future predictions can be changed if you unbelieve then.

I have also seen that even after something happens that the past can sometimes be altered which has surprised me.

I am unsure if either past lives or astral projection are real however, though both seem plausible possibilites I am contemplating.
CuriousDee (1 stories) (7 posts)
6 years ago (2018-03-16)
Hi Julie823,

I have learned that we leave our bodies (astral project) while sleeping quite frequently. We doubt our experiences because it's easy to believe it's 'just a dream'. However, dreams are also a great way to unveil information buried in our subconscious. I admit I've never had a dream of being someone else, that's quite interesting. It does sound like the dreams could be related to past lives. Even if you're not sure of the meaning, they are fascinating nonetheless. Have you ever researched dream symbols? Maybe you could find some answers or at least clues with what you're experiencing. Also, it's a good idea to keep a dream journal. It will help establish a pattern (if any) and to keep track of your dream content.

Keep us updated, best of luck to you 😊
AnneV (80 posts) mod
6 years ago (2018-03-02)
It's hard to know for sure if those were your past lives or picking up on the lives of others. I personally have not heard of a person dreaming of so many different lives. Usually, it's a dream over and over about a particular time, often the most recent live. Perhaps you just have a thin veil between all your lives.

Before you go to bed, ask to your guide and higher self to show you specifically a past life. See if you see one or more of those events again. If you do close to that request, it probably is one.

Thanks for sharing!

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