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I Was Possessed By A Goddess In My Dream?


Recently I have been experimenting with smoking mugwort and different herbal combinations of mugwort to enhance lucid dreaming and astral projection. The other night after smoking mugwort I had a very vivid dream in which an unknown Goddess visited me and possessed my body. The dream took place in a empty, dimly lit forrest, possibly at night but it was hard to tell. I had been looking into the music festival Electric Forrest earlier that day, which surprise! Takes place in a forrest in Michigan.

Getting into the actual dream, I was circled up in a small group of girls holding hands in a clearing in this forrest. I was leading the group in calling down a Goddess for protection, it was unclear but it might have been specifically protection for women. I remember the circle filling with light and my body shaking as the Goddess possessed me, but not breaking the circle. As this was happening a kind, giggle escaped my mouth but seemed to also echo throughout the forrest at the same time. It was my body but definitely not my voice. The most striking difference, however, was that my normally hazel eyes had changed to a vibrant bright green. The Goddess spoke from me and told us not to fear, that She was there to give us protection. As a gift for the Goddess we had put a pile of purple stones, possibly amethyst, in the center of our circle. The Goddess (in my body) broke the circle to pick up the stones in open palms and let them waterfall through Her hands. When She touched the stones my eyes turned a bright purple but ultimately returned to the vibrant green color. She seemed very pleased with the offering. The girls filled in the circle where the Goddess left and around our wrists appeared a bracelet made of light, the spell of protection from the Goddess.

After that point in the dream the timeline starts to not make sense and my memory gets a little hazy. I am unsure if I was lucid dreaming because once the Goddess possessed me I lost control of my body and the dream. However, somehow I was still able to communicate with the Goddess because at one point She said I was asking Her to invite fairies, like I was having a conversation with her inside of me. After the Goddess left only one of my eyes returned to normal, the other remained bright green for the rest of the dream. I never felt threatened or fearful during the dream in fact I felt the opposite. Now I would really like to try and identify the Goddess that visited me, but I am having a hard time because I never actually saw Her because She just possessed my body. If anyone has any thoughts on the dream or a similar experience I am open to suggestions.

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AnneV (80 posts) mod
6 years ago (2018-01-03)
Well at least it was certainly a pleasant dream. Though we don't do dream interpretation on this site because every dream is individual to the person and the workings of their conscious and unconscious mind, I think your dream demonstrates that there are many dimensions and beings well beyond our physical one.

I think there are subtle realm beings and that if they feel an affinity to you, they can reveal themselves to you and even help you. I know because during a meditation, a gnome came to me and helped me win the daily lottery so I don't think we're nuts:-) Accept the blessing, be respectful of their existence and stay open for marvels.


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