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Perfectly Bathed In Love


About five years ago I was out for the day with my husband and my mother in law. We arrived at Western Beach late afternoon. We sat on beach having picnic. I have always loved walking down to the sea.

I got up and walked down towards the sea, and left the family talking. I felt restless. I paused for a while as it was very windy, it seemed to catch my breath. All of a sudden the wind seemed to circle round me faster and faster, My body felt light as air, And I felt like I was I was being sucked into this I can only discribe like a vortex vacuum. I was very high at this point, literally above the clouds. It felt like I had been drinking a little champagne. I was so extremely happy, my body was spinning in a circle. I was giggling and overwhelmingly happy. Then all of a sudden, my arms stretched out and I felt like some one was gently holding my hands, I looked in front of me and this unusual glowing being with wings I could see. It was so intense this glowing morphing blinding light, coming from this beautiful being. Then it let go of my hands so gently. And then this being held a cat in its hands and held it out in front of my face, I could literally feel the cats head and its whiskers kept brushing and caressing my cheek. This being was laughing with me, and I felt my whole self was wrapped in this amazing spiritual love. I felt like I never wanted to leave. The joy I felt was so intense, I had never experienced any thing like it before. Then suddenly I felt my self being sucked into this vortex, being pulled down through fluffy clouds. I felt my feet had touched the ground ever so gently. And I found myself just gazing on the beach, as I did before as if nothing miraculous had ever happened. I felt peaceful, and calm tears of joy trickling down my face. I turned and walked back to my husband and mother in law. I sat down with them. My mind got into deep thought, And I remembered my beautiful sadly departed pet cat kashmere. The way he used to smell when I used to cuddle him. I think I must have had an angel experience. I will say one thing today if I was an artist, I could have painted this beautiful loving being. I write poetry, so I will put down my experience into verses. I will say this, since I encountered this being. I am not scared of passing over when my time comes.

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CuriousDee (1 stories) (7 posts)
6 years ago (2018-03-15)
That's beautiful Mercury! I also believe your cat "visited with you". Thank you for sharing ❤
AnneV (80 posts) mod
6 years ago (2018-03-11)
What a lovely story. I'm sure that was your beloved cat Kashmere. I too lost a beloved pet and look forward to the day I see him again. What a blessing for you to have had the visit, pre passing on yourself. A true gift!

Like you, I don't fear passing either. So much unconditional love awaits us!
Thanks for sharing.

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