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A Parallel Universe


We've all heard stories of the multiverse and how there are, most likely, an infinite number of universes parallel to ours. This story probably trumps all the weird paranormal activities that have surrounded me my entire life.

A slight backstory on myself and when this particular event occurred. I've been haunted, literally my entire life, by entities and other abnormal phenomenon. I've written some of those on the Yourghoststories page, but this was beyond all of that. As of writing this I am 29 and I work at a family business in Northern Ohio. This "event" occurred almost 7 years ago, when my son was still just an infant.

My wife and I had recently moved in with my mother and step father out in the country, as we weren't financially stable with just my income as a Phlebotomist at a local hospital. Everything seemed normal, other than a few paranormal experiences here and there, but in my wife's and my lives, that's about as normal as it gets.

One particular night, I went to bed with an uneasy feeling, but brushed it off as anxiety from work. I remember falling asleep, and as I did I was floating directly behind someone else, but was disoriented, almost as if someone flashed a strobe light in my face moments beforehand. After adjusting "my" eyes, I realized I was at my grandparents' house about 6 miles away. The person I was following turned around, and I saw it was myself. When the other me looked in my direction, they gave no indication that they saw me. I looked down at my hands, and saw nothing, as if I was invisible to my own "astral?" form. I also instinctively knew I was naked while in this astral form.

Then the sky turned eerily dark, and I saw this "other me" look outside the window and all I recall is a loud crash or explosion rocked my grandparents' house. My other self must have died, because we were now in this immense darkness, that literally seemed to stretch on forever. I couldn't see him, but he kept screaming "help!" into this void we were in. The next thing I saw I will NEVER forget. 9 stars slowly came into view, almost in a half circle around us, and they kept getting closer and closer to us. Finally they stopped, and my other self asked who they were. One spoke in a male voice that didn't sound threatening but stern, and it told "him" that "he was dead". Then a female voice from another star spoke and said they were sorry, but he had to die at that moment. At this point I was so confused I wasn't sure what to do, and began to panic that I would be trapped in this void forever. One of the stars must have noticed, because I knew they were talking to me when a different male said "you should not be here" and whatever flowed through my astral form's veins went cold. In an instant I was hurtling through what can only be described as a tunnel of swirling colors. At the other end was a bright white and as I slammed into it I woke up, at around 5am, next to my wife and son in his crib.

I woke my wife up to tell her the entire story, because unlike a dream, where I and probably most people forget 99% of the story after waking, I could recall everything that had happened. It took a few weeks before my wife allowed me to go to my grandparents' house alone, because in her mind, it was a premonition. I don't believe that though, because the world I was in seemed so "alien" to me. Almost like inside I knew I was somewhere different. If anyone has had a similar experience, I'd like to know about it. I've heard of stories recently of people accidentally going to parallel universes, but no one has ever talked about 9 Stars or the void in which they were. If anyone else has seen these or experienced them, please give any info you can, it has puzzled me for years.

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Ashley (guest)
7 years ago (2017-10-08)
Very interested story, Scott! I had a dream about a year ago where I was in a huge soccer field in my hometown, so many people were there as well, almost the whole town it seemed. We were all looking at the helicopters and planes in the sky, then suddenly one of them dropped a bomb behind us, so the whole town was running away. That's when the dream become crazily vivid. I remember staring down at my feet watching them move, running, panicking, fearing for my life. Then SWOOSH! I started floating upwards. I could see the whole town running then I appeared in a dark void for God knows how long. Then a voice came to me. It wasn't exactly a voice but more like a telepathic feeling speaking to me, from another soul. It said "you have just passed. I'm sorry, it will all be okay now. You will go into another life." I panicked & cried for about 5 minutes only it seemed. I was only upset because I never got to tell anyone bye... But then I quickly (somehow) got over it. Right when I accepted the fact that I was dead, I woke up in bed. The dream was so lucid, I thought I was having a joke played on me when I woke up alive, in bed.
Krom1987 (1 posts)
7 years ago (2017-08-17)
Apparently I forgot to sign in when I submitted this but I'm the author of this post.

Voyages - I've never heard of this Law of One but I plan to now look into it. I did a quick search after reading your comment, and I'm guessing it's the Ra series or something I'm seeing on my searches. And Yes, deep down I feel like it was either a parallel dimension or a separate timeline I happened to just appear in. The feeling was very alien to me, and I've yet to forget how it seemed. Never since have I experienced it again, and I've even tried though have made no progress. One day maybe I'll get to see that other world again.

Xariah- I'm glad you enjoyed it. As I said I've been trying to figure out a way to replicate what had happened but my wife recently had an odd one I might share some time soon
Voyager (guest)
7 years ago (2017-08-16)
Thank you very much for sharing Scott. If you know much about the Law of One material, everything you experience is predetermined and does have a meaning to it. So I would start by looking for a deeper meaning to one of the stars saying "you should not be here" because you are permitted everywhere at all times. This could be something your Higher Self wanted to you to experience. If you deep down believe you were viewing another dimension that could be a possibility but it could also be a viewing of a past life (and some hints as to why you experience daily what you experience and how you can get over it) but I wouldn't cling too tightly onto any of your perceptions as much as I would suggest to keep an open mind. Last piece of advice I can share is the 9 stars seem very symbolic of the Council of Nine that is constantly referenced in the Law of One.
Xariah (guest)
7 years ago (2017-08-01)
Amazing experience... Glad you remembered it
Thank you for sharing

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