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Series Of False Awakenings Each Leading To Astral Projection


I woke up naturally much earlier than usual, about 4:00 a.m, because I'd fallen right into bed with my clothes on and gone right to sleep. This was on a Thursday. I'd done some heavy drinking (7 beers) out with some dudes in town on Tuesday night. This is a little town in Cambodia, by the way, where I'm an American working as a teacher for English-speaking Cambodian kids. The prescription laws are different (non-existent?) here, so it should be okay to say that I'd taken some Tylenol w. Codeine which would elsewhere require a prescription, for a headache. It's mildly sedating and cozy. I'd also drunk some M-150 energy drink, which contains some other psychoactives. I'm not sure how much that has to do with the projection. I had also meditated or let my mind drift into calmness for a while during the day. Without a doubt, that seems to be vital to having any sort of spiritual experiences or notable dreams.

After looking at the clock, I dozed off. At first I just had a dream that I was free-dancing around and my arms felt a little different. It was fun to hold them up and wave them back in forth in front of me. It felt like I was actually moving them, but they were not my physical hands, and I knew this. I knew I was lying in bed, but I could not for the life of me feel myself lying in bed.

Then I began to wake up and formed the intention of getting up to do some grading which I had been procrastinating. Because of my procrastination accompanied with a dreadful feeling, there was a great mental push to get up, but my body was not very motivated. The next thing I know I'm standing at the light switch, going to get into the shower. I heard some weird voices coming out of the switches. I think I'm going crazy, and want the weird voices to stop. They do stop. I flip on the switch. The lights don't turn on. I freak out. I look around and there are some different things in the room. There is another switch which normally turns on the kitchen lights. I flipped it on and there was a big fan in the wall (not in our reality) that turned on. There was also an iron and ironing board in the hallway. (we don't have one in this reality. My g.f. Outsources that work.)

Somehow or other I ended up trying to get out of bed again. This time I thought, again, that I had physically gotten out of bed. But the weird thing was I could stick my hand through the wall. I went outside, and things were different there, too. I noticed the flesh on people's body's was different, more rubbery. I could kind of see it hanging off their faces, slightly droopily, or puffily. I realized that the physics of the body were different, and you could shoot yourself and heal right back up, and so forth. There was a man with a machine gun, and apparently he's shooting himself in the face a few times, and it's a total joke, as he intends it to be. The physics of rubbery flesh are different here.

I stuck my hand right through a tree branch. I pushed the tree branch away from the tree, and it wanted to go stick back onto the tree like a magnet. I let go, and it did indeed slap right back onto the tree like a magnet would. I inspected and noticed it didn't quite stick right back on as it had been before. It had more of a cracked vase effect.

I was going to play some tennis. Well, I had the racket and was ready for this new physics to be a lot of fun. I didn't actually play. I saw some lady playing with a tennis ball and I used telekinesis to make it almost impossible for her to pick up the ball she was chasing. Also, I could make it continue to bounce much higher and longer than tennis balls usually do.

I end up back in bed. THIS time I think I will make it physically out of bed. I try again. Yes, I think I'm awake and in physical reality. The only thing is, I push my hand against the wall, and with a little more pressure, whoops, my hand goes right through the wall again. I decided to have as much fun with it as I can this time. I go outside. I see if I can slide into the ground. Oh my gosh, my feet are sinking right into the mud. I'm getting lower and lower. And now there is a hole opening up beneath my feet. It's becoming a rabbit hole! I'm going deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole. I look up. It has fractalized into a spiral pattern with spherical nodal points diminishing in size toward the opening. I see that for only a couple of seconds, while the music is starting up. Deep rhythmic bass drumming, booming and booming, as I'm falling down. Now I wake up and I'm really back in bed. (I could feel the wake up coming. I was trying to hold onto the dream state but couldn't any longer as it was getting too weird.) I'm still hearing the deep bass drum again and again for a few seconds as I'm lying awake in bed, hoping this auditory experience will go away soon, because I don't want to be a crazy hallucinator. Luckily after a few seconds, it's all over, and I go back to sleep for a while.

There were some other false awakenings, one after another, and single-layered. But I can't remember it all. It must have been about 5 total. In one I just remember thinking that I was hallucinating other beings in the bed. I was not aware that I was dreaming, so this was not a lucid dream. But I was somehow aware that I was hallucinating. So I can't exactly call it a normal non-lucid dream. Maybe quasi-lucid, or a kind of lucidity within the dream related to the parameters of the dream state, but not lucidity of the dream itself.

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AnneV (79 posts) mod
5 years ago (2017-12-19)
I think you were entering the astral, but the lower one and you had no control. Before we learn how to control our thoughts and environments in the astral, the subconscious pretty much controls the show. The cocktail of drugs you took helped getting 'out' but again, all it got you was in the mish mash of lower astral where thoughts and things are swirling around like a bad soup. But at least it's eye opening!
Thanks for sharing.

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