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I have been into the astral world many times before, and I normally have a routine of what I do. However, this time was different, my room and my sister's room is parallel in our house, so my astral body was walking towards the door way and immediately stopped. Horrified by what I saw, a nun sitting crouched and looking at me or rather through me with a smirk on her face. I have never felt so terrified in this world before. Would she be connected to the fact that my mum woks in a catholic church with nuns? Did I see a nun who passed away? I'm not entirely sure. But my astral body went back to the far end of my room to the window where I could see a happier version of myself and my boyfriend laughing and smiling. Confused with everything I decided to go back to my physical body. I look up towards my sister's room to find the nun still crouching but rocking back and fourth facing my sister's bed.

My astral body is back in my physical, and I physically woke up but was paralyzed. I was being held down, I couldn't move my head to see what was holding me physically down. After struggling for some time, I started to feel dizzy and nauseated as if I was tipsy from drinking bourbon. Eventually this thing that was affecting me physically, finally released me. I got out of bed and refused to go back to sleep. It was a lot worse than what I'm saying now.

Does anyone have any suggestions of what this could mean? And why it would happen?

I'd really like some advice and I apologise if I offended anyone. Thank you for reading.

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SarahElizabeth (guest)
6 years ago (2018-09-04)
Lookup the term "sleep paralysis"...basically it's when the mind wakes up before the body...don't try so hard to get out of it, just try to relax and focus on the body and it will soon wake up too
AnneV (80 posts) mod
6 years ago (2018-05-11)
I always say that we have doors in the physical to lock folks out but that is not so true in the astral! The nun sounds related to your mom and unless you talk to her to see why she is there, she may just be hanging out because she feels a connection of some sort.

Remember that like attracts like a hundred times faster in the astral. Positive thoughts and actions will draw that type of experience to you and the same with fear so if you can, try and develop control over your thoughts. I can't count the times I've converted something negative into positive just by changing my attitude about it.

You can also ask the nun to leave.

Paralysis is common with astral projection but it wears off, like you found out. Sometimes the connection with our spirit to our brains takes a few seconds to link back up and the body is still in the sleep slate, as a protection against acting out all our dreams. This is also known as Hag Syndrome and Night Terrors.

Thanks for sharing!

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