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Why Is This Happening?


Last night I had sleep paralysis, locked body, couldn't move etc. Then everything went muffled and there was pressure all over me, a little like being under water, then my ears started hearing really loud static and then my body starts feeling all these vibrations everywhere. It felt like something was being pulled out of me a little. I started thinking 'it'll be over soon' trying to calm myself and then it was. I felt calm afterwards but also unnerved. This has never happened before and I can't help thinking there might be a reason for it happening now, how do I find out the reason? I recently came out of a five year relationship, nearly immediately started dating again and left the person I dated for 3 weeks. I'm also recently coming to terms with the fact I might be asexual. I've also moved house and started a new job. I'm currently working for a homeless charity with offenders. I feel very all over the place now and I want to think something out there is trying to tell me something but the rational side of my brain thinks it's just anxiety. On the other hand the experience didn't make me anxious per say. I don't know what to think, does anyone have any experience of this phenomenon occurring at a crucial moment as a form of guidance? What do I do if it happens again? I don't think particularly want it to and I don't want to visit the astral plane. I've also been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, perhaps it is my bipolar acting up? Or perhaps it is an attempt to the get to the astral plane? I just need some guidance.

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Live in horror constantly (guest)
5 years ago (2018-08-25)
I have this happen in my sleep and also wide awake. For 3 months I knew that one of my parents was going to die in Mexico. I know conversations before they happen, I experience situations without ever being in them and know things not possible unless I was there and it not only overwhelmes myself but scares my friends and acquaintances to the point I have none! I hate this loneliness and wish Everyday I could just die! Please someone help! I am unsuccessful at suicide, I have had past attempts, and all day every day I prey that I can convince myself I want to live because there is so much love and happiness I am surrounded by in my life, my family needs me, I have a beautiful year old grandson and my 2 amazing children tell me how much they love and need me but I can't find it in myself to believe I am anything other than toxic and I am just SICK and TIRED of life, I WANT OUT! I am 46 and have tried everything to change this disgusting, nagging feeling that has swallowed me and I am tired of pretending, telling people what they want to hear to relieve their worry! I'm desperate to give them honesty about my words when I say I have desire to live, they are worth it and I want to be there for them! HELP PLEASE?
AnneV (79 posts) mod
5 years ago (2018-07-05)
This is all classic pre-projection symptoms. You can read about it in the Beginner's Guide. Http://

You can also use the search function on the site for "vibrations" and the "Catatonic" state.


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