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Unexplainable Happenings When I'm Asleep


Being the wife of an overseas worker I usually sleep alone (10mos in a year). I really can't remember the exact year when weird things started happening whilst I'm asleep. These occurrences so far happened only in one room of our house (where my husband and I sleep). Most of the time when I'm dreaming I know that I am dreaming only I can't control it (I haven't tried controlling it actually).

Between year 2007-2009, time is 5-7pm as I was having my after work nap. I was in a deep sleep, on my left side, because I usually sleep like a log when I come home from work when for reasons unknown I just came into awareness (sleepy/conscious at the same time) and felt something moving in and out down there. I didn't feel scared, I felt so curious like what's happening? Is this normal? Then just fell back to sleep.

Next is years after the first incident maybe 2010-2013, this one is the same as the first one only this time I thought that this happened before, something's wrong here. Then again just fell back asleep.

August, 2014 my husband was home. As we were sleeping I dreamt, I saw myself in a room with a bed in the middle and a long bench not far from the bed. There was a man (I haven't seen him before) sitting on the bench, a friend of mine standing on the side of the bed and I was lying face down on the bed. I had the impression that the man is a healer. I know I was fully clothed. The man came near me and placed his right hand (I don't know if he was holding something) on the base of my spine. Immediately I felt something warm emanate from that area, that warmness turned into heat (it was so hot I thought, this is bad what's happening this is bad). As I was thinking that and feeling the agonizing heat the smell of something burning filled the air that the friend I was with in my dream even noticed. As I smelled it I thought something got burned, don't know what something did. The heat spread from the base of my spine to my extremities and I woke up still feeling it traveling to my fingertips and toes.

The years 2013-2015 I tried yoga, meditation, reading the Bible, visualizing, anything I thought of that will take my mind off of my husband's absence, that includes reading stories of the supernatural.

2016 I again dreamt. This time I was with 4 men. I know all of them... Months pass another dream, one of the 4 tried flirting with me, I politely declined/refused his advances... Months pass another dream, another one of the 4 tried flirting and again I politely declined his advances. This happened 4-5 times.

2017 I was with my husband the whole year the only weird thing that happened was we were woken up by the smell of urine reeking. In our country this might mean an entity is present. We ignored it, just covered our heads with blanket and tried to sleep through the smell. We never smelt it again.

2018 I was again alone and I dreamt of lying on my back in bed folded knees opened legs and a man with no face (I tried really hard to see his face) ready to enter. I know fully that I am dreaming. As he came nearer I said, with conviction, NO! He backed out and I think the dream ended there.

Most people will say it is pent up desire that manifests in my dreams, I don't really know, you may be wrong or you may be right but how do you explain the physical thing that happened. The feeling of something moving down there and the burning heat?

I still am trying to find someone who can help me understand what happened. And if it is in any way related to what my husband and I are going through right now. Thanks for taking your time reading.

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131313 (guest)
4 years ago (2019-09-02)
I've had experiences being penetrated (in state right before waking up). I was paralyzed and was wide awake. It felt real and I heard it growl when I finally snapped out of sleep paralysis.
AquarianMinded (guest)
5 years ago (2018-07-01)
I fully believe you're projecting into another place
That an incubus is taking advantadge of u... Causing sleep paralyasis
Sorry for my bad typing in hospital having ruff AM
Plz don't let spellings and bad typing make me seem less into this...
An incubus might be problem...

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