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Sleep Paralysis, Spontaneous Partial Projection



My experiences have all been spontaneous, without any knowledge of what they were (at the time), and perceived to be connected to evil. I only stumbled upon OBE and similar descriptions (through the Internet) about a year ago when I started wondering if other people had experienced things similar to me. I was (not now as of about one year) a practicing Mormon and therefore shunned any investigation or serious consideration of phenomena of these types until now.

I was surprised to find others describing my experience: becoming aware after the onset of sleep of being fully "awake" yet unable to move; the hearing of an extremely loud, jet engine like sound in my ears (or emanating from inside, not sure); and the specific entry of what was perceived to be an evil presence (I could locate in space this presence within about two or three feet but could not see it). I had this series of events happen several times over about three months it seems, when I was 19. I estimate it happened about 10-15 times in total and the pattern was always the same: onset of sleep; waking up immobile; feeling strange sensations begining to happen (perhaps vibrations, not sure); followed by hearing the loud jet engine sound, concurrent with the perceived evil presence coming into the room. The sound was incredible--beyond just being loud--it was powerful. It was the scariest thing I have ever experienced (though after I realized the events were following a somewhat predictable pattern I became a little less scared). I don't know how it ended--I am guessing it just subsided and I eventually fell asleep. These only happened during that three month period that I can remember.

Also, at a younger time (age 10) I specifically remember waking once soon after "falling asleep" to find my legs raised up at a 45 degree angle--as if doing a leg lift. The thing that made no sense however, was that the bed had just been made and there was physically no way in which my legs could be lifting up the tightly held covers, even though it didn't feel like it needed any effort to do so. Only recently did I realize that this was probably a partial projection in which I was being held from exiting by my upper body. This is the only way I think that can accurately describe my feeling that my legs were raised when clearly there was no physical possibility for such. I was ten at the time and it scared me a lot. I specifically remember telling myself "this is real, this is really happening, remember it for later!"

Other odd events that have happened include hearing low voices speaking in an ancient sounding tongue (age 15, not scary at all but very interesting). These voices were clearly audible (as they contained the specific reverberation characteristics of the space I was studying in at my house).

Perhaps least importantly in this list, nightmares which seemed nearly real where specific, very hairy, dog-like creatures were tormenting me for evil purposes. These I could almost see but could certainly clearly perceive. I mention this last because it felt a bit more like a nightmare but not something that I could say with certainty was a dream. Also, I have also had extremely loud thunderclap-like sounds wake me and I could swear I could hear the end of the reverberation of those sounds in the room--as if they were physically in the space.

With my recent departure from my church (Mormon) I am revisiting a lot of things that have happened to me and am trying to reevaluate their significance. I am 52, single. In my family there was a history of violence and some physical abuse (not me) but no sexual abuse that any of us know about. I don't know if those things come into play or not. Plus, our house was definitely haunted. All of us experienced dark stuff.

I want to learn more and I want to get past the fear--now that I know what it is. Thanks for reading.

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CuriousDee (guest)
6 years ago (2018-02-11)
Hi there, I'm new to the site 😊

I spontaneously astral projected about 2 years ago. It was amazing. I remember seeing some strange images on my ceiling, lifting out of my bed, then zooming through my bedroom wall. I remember saying in my head, "Oh my God! It's real!" Lol I had thought Astral Projection/OBE was a bunch of bologna until it happened to me. Lol

After that first time, I sort of learned to do it on purpose (it's still a learning experience). The signs and/or signals it's about to happen have been many and changed over time. I've experienced the "jet engine roar", static (similar to radio static), voices, loud booms, etc. Nowadays, I hear and feel what sounds like an electricity zap in my head (not painful or scary). The voices never scare me; they sound like a conversation I'm eavesdropping on. Once in a great while I'm able to tune into one conversation and it has never been interesting Lol A few times I've heard what sounds like people cheering me on (my favorite!).

It sounds like from what you've experienced, your feeling and experiencing the signals you're about to project or are coming back. All very common 😊

I've learned there is definitely nothing to fear. If you encounter something that you feel is negative or scary, it's actually something you have projected. Meaning if you expect something scary, that's what you experience. Let go of any fear, expect to have an awesome experience. Ask whatever you believe in (God, Jesus, Angels) to protect you and accompany you on your adventures. As for myself, I picture a white light surrounding me and ask for my "Spirit Team" to protect me and accompany me.

I hope this helps!

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