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Astral Eyes Only Work Please Help


I have been trying to astral project mostly every other night and I usually just fall asleep but when I don't really try and just lay there going to sleep and something wakes me up but not all the way it puts me in that meditation kind of state where I sometimes find myself seeing my bedroom but I make sure my eyes are closed by gently squeezing them even more shut, I can see my bedroom very vaguely, I can see the outline of my bedroom door as the light comes through the cracks and I can see my bed and my desk and stuff but when I try to move or open my eyes it goes away of course. Just today I was laying on my side in bed and then it happened again, I saw in front of me but with my eyes shut. I saw my arm holding my phone up playing a game that I like to play on it. That's what sometimes happens is I see my arms doing something when I clearly feel them down at my side. I really want to astral project and have an OBE. But it seems that only my "astral eyes" (if you call it that) are working. PLEASE HELP. If you have any tips or information please comment or email me:) thank you so much for reading. Well actually I have to get to the 1500 minimum in order to post this story so let me ramble on about another time that my astral eyes worked. I do want to be a singer so I keep a microphone in my room on a stand for when I feel like recording something. And one night I tried to astral project and all I got was my eyes again. I saw my microphone very closer to my body than where it actually was. I keep it close to my closet but I was seeing it close to my bed near me so I instantly knew what was going on. I love when that happens and I know what it is so I remain calm and enjoy the moment. Than I ease out of it and wake up or go to sleep. Well I made it to the 1500 minimum words in order to post this story so I thank you for your time and again please comment or email me if u have any tips or information! Thanks

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AnneV (80 posts) mod
6 years ago (2017-12-28)

You have to start educating yourself. I specifically say not to bother at night. To project, you have to develop the ability to put the body to sleep, yet keep the mind from drifting into a dream. Read the Beginner's Guide on this site. Everything you need to know is on this site but you have to be committed enough to read through it.


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