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My First Experience Of Someone Astral Projecting


Back in May, I moved into a upstairs apartment. At first I experienced nothing out of the ordinary. Then I met my downstairs neighbors and that was when things started to get very strange. The first thing that I noticed was being so tired after I got home from work that I literally would come home and fall into a deep sleep. The first time that happened I had some money stole from me. At the same time my neighbors electric was about to be off. The amount of the bill was 120 dollars, which is the exact same amount stolen from me. Next things went from very strange to down right creepy as in like an haunting.

Not things moving around as much as pictures being drawn on my floors and walls. This individual had me believing that he was Satan and that he was my guardian angel from the beginning of time. I found that

Very hard to believe.

I began communicating with what appeared to be a spirit. I asked him questions and he would grab my head and shake it yes or nod it, very lightly. I moved out last month but my neighbors are still with me. Now I live with my friend, more than 20 miles away. There is a symbol of Satan on their flat screen tv also I can grab this entity with my hands and stab it to the wood floor. Sounds incredible huh? I can see him the air where he is at, in the house is warm and it's also distorted like when you look at a barbecue grill.

My question is how do I make him go away? Is there a way to block his energy from me? Any advise would be welcome. I googled projecting yourself from your body, that is how I found out about astral projection.

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theknowwhattodoguy (guest)
6 years ago (2017-11-18)
I can help you. This "spirit" is either a demon or satan himself. I had about same thing happen to me. How to make him go away? Simple. Recite prayers to God and have a cross in your house, perhaps in your living room. This is what worked for me
AnneV (80 posts) mod
7 years ago (2017-03-14)
I'd say first, stop paying attention to it. Second, practice things that make you feel happy and positive. Like attracts like so the higher your own frequencies, the less likely they can attach to you.
Thanks for sharing.

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