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Another Dimension Or Time


First I must say I have always been able to see spirits since I was just a little girl, but this one is a little different.

This has happened to me a few times and have got photo's from both times. The photo's are coming off my surveillance camera's outside my home. I got the camera's because they pick up the energy of spirits and anything else unusual.

I believe they the cameras had caught a portal opening into another time and this is what I caught on them. I am submitting the pictures and drawings. The picture is a little hard to make out but if you look at my drawings of what I could see in the picture you will too be able to see them.

I drew exactly what I could see, also if you look there are more faces but I did not draw them, you will see a man with his hair pulled up on top of his head that almost look pointed like horns but not horns, he is pale white, another man has a hat that looks like a fishing hat on, they are much smaller than the two I drew.

Another Dimension Or Time 1

Another Dimension Or Time 2

Another Dimension Or Time 3

Another Dimension Or Time 4

I am also submitting another time with pictures, I watched (from my surveillance camera monitor) a beautiful white glowing fog go across my front yard one winter then I saw what looked like 2 fingers come up in front of my surveillance camera lens as though it was trying to touch it, then just went back down under the camera.

I was so impressed and watched this go on for a long time and took pictures with my hand held camera off of the monitor that I could see this happening. If you look you will be able to see the white glow around my tree then the orbs that were flying everywhere around it, and also you can faintly see images of children playing as well as adults.

It was an amazing experience to have this happen. I sent these pictures into another person and she said nice light show. I assure you these are not a light show, I would have better things to do then to make up something like this. I just like to share my experiences because its not something you get see very often if ever.

Another Dimension Or Time 5

Another Dimension Or Time 6

Another Dimension Or Time 7

Another Dimension Or Time 8

Please give me your insight on this I would love to have your opinion. Thanks for reading and looking. Kim

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robmkivseries70 (1 stories) (2 posts)
6 years ago (2018-05-30)
Hi Kim, The first thing that comes to mind on seeing these is the term "Psychic Photography". People with this talent seem to have people from other dimensions along with balls and rods of light appear on film or on the digital pictures. If you have a camera, take a photo of a blank wall inside your house or apartment and see if anything else appears in the image.

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