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When I Could See Myself Sleeping


When I was either 8 or 9, I was having a perfectly normal dream, but then, roughly 5 minutes before I had to wake up for school I suddenly felt myself float out of my body. Then, I could see my body, perfectly. I also could have sworn there was a voice speaking around me. But then my alarm started going off and I felt myself float back into my body. What was interesting was that I was lying in the exact same position I saw myself. To this day, I still wonder what was going on. As I have ruled out a dream (it was simply too real). And I have also experienced more things like this. For example; when I was 10; I was on my way to the park and I suddenly left my body for a split second. I have also experienced the paranormal in other ways than this. If you have any idea what these out of body experiences might be, please comment. Also please tell me what you think of the story I put the link to down below. As I am trying to figure out that one as well.

Thank you for reading my story

Oh and before I forget here is a link to the paranormal experience I was talking about: Please check it out. (and comment to, of course) OK, I still have a lot of empty space left. And I seriously do not know what to do. Any ideas? (just kidding LOL). But seriously, I do not know what to do thanks to that minimum characters thing. I ought-to do something about it. Maybe I will complain to the people in charge. Anyways! See you!

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Pewd (guest)
6 years ago (2018-06-01)
During my second time trying AP I felt vibrations in my whole body and then while concentrating on those vibrations I heard a very strange noise and then everything was silent. I was able to feel my body it was feeling like I was stuck to my bed. I tried to pull my body up but I couldn't I don't know why... I want to know was I doing it right... And when do you think of separating your body while the vibrations or after the sound that I heard (high pitched sound).
AnneV (80 posts) mod
6 years ago (2018-05-11)
Neil, here is the Beginner's Guide:

As for your out of body experiences, you have to know that we are all spirits inhabiting a physical shell temporarily on the physical plane. From time to time we can exit the shell either through sleep, induced OBEs or bi-location when we are awake. Your temporary exit while you were walking was bi-location. Bi-location is generally a remote viewing term but it just means your consciousness was temporarily split. Astral projection is where your astral form detaches and travels on the astral plane. Bi-location is generally limited to the physical realm. When I remote viewed a blind target, I bi-located to it and was amazed at the whole process. I was literally there (the target unbeknownst to me was Stonehenge). I wrote some remote viewing articles under the RV link on this webpage.

The noises we hear when we project is highly varied. This is why I say no two projections are the same for anyone. What I will see and hear will be different than what you see and hear but sounds can include radio waves & spirits. We are all unique and each of us have our own personal vibration. Where your frequency is at determines where in the subtle realm you end up at. This is the whole point of most religions; be good in this life so you'll go to a higher place.

I read your experience on the link you provided. I find shadow figures and hooded spirits very interesting. If you search this site you can read my article on Shadow Figures (either this site or my psychic site). I have personally seen a spirit in the astral quickly put his hood over his face at night and of course you can't see them then because it's dark. I think spirits use cloaks just as a concealment effort, whereas shadow figures are glimpses of energy that we can't quite make out with the naked eye.

Hope this helps!
Neil Farren (guest)
6 years ago (2018-05-08)
Hey Anne, Just a question, Where is the beginners guide on this website? And you also explain more about what I experienced?
AnneV (80 posts) mod
6 years ago (2018-05-02)
What these are are "normal". Most people just don't remember it. I guess it comes down to now how interested you are in this and whether you will pursue the path of knowledge. Lots of free info here.

Thanks for sharing,

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