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My First Detail Oobe


I had had a few a few OOBE, but not controllable. I was never sure why I would wake up, be paralyzed, realizing I was awake and sometimes fly, then panic and go back and my body. I knew about Astral Projection but, never to the point that I totally believed it, I had gone to a seminar on Rick Stack in the early 90s with a friend. I bought his book and tapes. I went home and started practicing every night. I had had a few OOBE experiences before, but I usually panicked and went back into my body. They were few and far between. I began listening to Rick's tapes that would hypnotize me to be open to astral projection. After using the tape1 for a week, with close successes. While sleeping, I became alert that I was a sleep, but could not move. I began trying to will myself up above my body. I tried to sit up; I was stuck, rising but not fully out of my body. A hand reached down to me. I grasp it. The hand pulled me up and I popped out of my body. It felt like rubber band pulling me back to my body and then all of a sudden elastic band broke and I was standing up. I noticed two people in the room with me. A younger man with mascara under his eyes and around them. He had pulled me up. He struck me as an ancient Egyptian. He smiled. Another the man was standing in a white coat across the room with his back to me. He looked like an older man. I couldn't see him other than the top of his balding head was big, his big ears, and the collar of his white lab coat. The coat going down to his knees with dark pants. I thought it was strange he didn't turn around. Then I found myself in another part of my dream where I was laying on the bed. The man who had had his head back to me was now facing me. It seems he didn't expect me to come too. He made some friendly tone and smiled. It sounded lick gibberish sounds. He put up his hand to cover my sight about a foot away from my eyes. He had three long fingers on both hands only. They were kind of crooked. I could see his face. It was humanoid but, he had a large cranium, big ears, little chin. He looked friendly. I knew it was him because of the shape of his head, same lab coat and big ears. I that is why he had had his black to me. He didn't want to frighten me. I wasn't scared, I was just fascinated. He was non- aggressive. I didn't feel threatened. I knew that he was just holding out his hand so that I wouldn't see his face right away, and panic. His face was humanoid but, not completely human. When he saw that I wasn't scared, he pulled out a little box the size of 1/2 a cigarette box. He put it close and pointed to my right front side. It made a little noise. I felt a little tick of electricity. He then put it in his pocket. He said friendly sounding words that I could not understand. I went back to becoming unconscious again. When I woke, I wondered. Did I really succeed?, it felt so real and clear but, there were some dreaming scenes in the background like how could all these people fit in my room. My room seem to be bigger. Why was the wall of my bedroom not there just open space to the sky. I lived 11 floors up.

In the waking world, I'd already been to a doctor before the experience, when I complained not be able to urinated as much as I used to. The doctor used a scope to look in my bladder. The doctor wanted to run more tests he found a little bit of blood flowing in my bladder. He didn't seem to be alarmed, so I didn't either. So I went to my test, about a week later. The doctors put me under anesthesia and used the scope to see more detail inside my bladder. They found nothing. No blood. No problem. The Dr. Was surprised he didn't see Blood or a cut, coming from anywhere.

I never have that problem again everything returned to normal. I had a feeling that whatever was making blood, had been fixed. I always had a feeling that the Humanoid and the young man who looked Egyptian, were helping me, while being very careful not to scare me. Later in life, I did have a new kidney put in on the right side of me due to my diabetes but, that was 30 years later at age 53.

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TallerOller (guest)
5 years ago (2018-09-19)
Wow! What a good read, really makes me wonder about the fascinating beings in those other planes. Thank you for posting your experience on here so others like myself aren't so lost when we astral project for the first time.

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