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One night I began to feel on and off electric vibrations throughout my body, as if I was being zapped every few seconds. I thought about the rope technique and decided to try it, so I envisioned a rope hanging down from the ceiling, grabbed it and began pulling myself up out of my body. I knew it was working because I could feel myself separate and rise with each pull of the rope until I felt the sensation of my back bumping into something

Which turned out to be the ceiling, and as I turned around there he was, that being that likes to take on the guise of my cousin.

I could only see him from the waist up, he wasn't wearing a shirt and I noted his athletic physical stature. He was waiting for me and without hesitation he grabbed me and a struggle ensued. I remembered what I had read about controlling my fear and willed myself to a higher plane. I shot out of there and arrived on the outer edge of what appeared to be a cafe of some sort. This was some kind of place that was suspended in the air, there were people sitting out on the deck enjoying coffee and the place felt much better and safer than where I had just come from.

I decided to fly around and explore so I headed out towards some rolling hills, on my way I flew over what appeared to be a large farm house with a group of people standing outside. I headed out towards the hills and then decided to turn back and explore the town instead. As I passed back over the farm house with the people I noticed this guy in a black trench coat look up at me and yelled out "so you like to fight huh?" It was the guy who looks like my cousin, the one who grabbed me in my room. So I ignored him and kept flying into town and decided to land and investigate a large building. I entered into a side door with concrete steps leading up to it and found myself on the lower level of what appeared to be a large hotel. I instantly recognised the hallways, I'd been here before.

I call this place the hotel because that's what it seems to be with long hallways and rooms on either side. I appeared to be on a level where you might see working staff, kitchens, maids quarters etc. As I was headed down one of the long hallways I heard some one say "Hey", I turned to see that it was the guy in the trench coat. He said he wanted to show me something and like a moron I followed him down the hall and into a restroom. He then walked into one of the open stalls and tried to get me to go into it with him. I noticed he had a black six pointed star on his left cheek. I also noticed a man standing just outside the stall, he appeared to be a security guard by the way he was dressed, he didn't say anything and I then recognised him. This was the same Native American looking man that I've seen in my room, why was he here, and why was he dressed as a security guard?

I then looked back at the guy in the trench coat and he was motioning for me to join him in the stall and I decided I had enough of this situation and returned to my body.

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LottiTheSeer (9 stories) (6 posts)
4 years ago (2019-08-25)
I agree, and I have had positive results staying in and sending out positive vibrations. I've wondered the same thing about the Native American, in fact there is a lot more to this story with the Native American and I was going to reveal it later on in the time progression. However, since you've mentioned Him possibly being a guide, I'll fill you in on some more information. In October of 2018 I started getting grabbed at night, mainly my feet. I would get grabbed or slapped or touched in some way. I decided to buy a camcorder with infra-red night vision and start investigating. I set the camera facing the foot of my bed and recorded when I went to bed. What we found on the recording visually would be light anomalies that could be orbs, or they could be bugs or dust flurries, just can't say for sure. What shows up on audio though, is simply mind blowing. The sound of a rattle starts in, this continues throughout the recording. The rattle will sound with a distinct pattern then stop for a few seconds before starting again. About three quarters of the way through the recording, a banging sound starts, it sounds like it could be a drum. This drumming sound usually follows the same pattern as the rattle and always ramps up in intensity until the camera battery runs out and the camera shuts off. I'm usually awake when these are being recorded and I don't hear a thing. My Husband said that it sounded Native American so I started researching the local Native Americans in this area, the Kumeyaay. I was browsing their website when I came across a picture of an old man. Anne I recognised this man as the man I've seen in my room and at the hotel. His name is Cinon Duro Mataweer, and he was the tribal Shaman, Medicine Man, and a teacher. Thanks again for your comments.
AnneV (79 posts) mod
4 years ago (2019-08-21)
The Native American might have been your guide and dressed as a security guard to show you he was there for you.

I'd be sending a message to the trench-coat guy that "I wish you well but I have no need or desire to see you again. Please go." Don't do what it wants you to do, fight, as that just lowers your vibrations to his level-- as it does in the physical. I've gotten rid of several negative beings by not getting angry but by just sending them positive farewells.

Thanks for sharing.

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