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Vivid Dreaming= What's Next?


I am looking for help with coming to terms with my dreams. I've always had them. I actually drank myself to sleep for decades to get rid of them. But I got sober years ago and now my dreams are taking a toll on my every day life. I wake up exhausted and overwhelmed. It takes a while to process and then get started with my day. Any and all help with where to go for help, things I can try will be greatly appreciated! I'll share my experiences and you have no idea how validating it will be to hear of others that have the same experiences since I have yet to meet anyone who does.

Every single night I sleep, or even if I take a nap, I dream. My dreams are full of color, detail, people and places. I am in full control of myself in my dreams. I can do whatever I want. And if I don't like the dream, I can rewind and change it. Something I learned very young to deal with nightmares.

My dreams are no longer nightmares but are action packed where I'm moving about and actively participating in them.

I will have people I know in my dreams (dead or alive) and also strangers. Sometimes I will later meet them in real life. I have to be careful who I sleep next to, because I will visit them when I'm sleeping. Used to cause arguments with my ex- he would yell at me to stay out of his head/ dreams. And he only remembered his dreams if I was in them.

I can dream of places I've yet to go, and then recognize it when I go there.

I can go to sleep with items belonging to someone and dream of them, talk to them, etc. Whether they're alive or not.

If I don't set out with a "purpose" when I go to sleep, they're just crazy and all over the place.

I remember every face, every color, every little detail. I could paint a picture or make a movie by memory. Recall every word spoken.

I wake exhausted. Physically and mentally tired. It takes me a Long time to process everything that went on in my dreams and come to terms with it. I'm at wits end.

I've been told I have abilities. I can "read" people instantly. I know things I have no reason or explanation of how I know.

Because I don^t know what to do with all of this, I've gone to expo's and gotten rocks/crystals to protect myself. I've learned to sage myself. But I am sooooo exhausted. I really need to get a handle on these dreams because I can no longer block them.

I don't know who to reach out to for help and I don't know anyone else who experiences this.

Short of medicating myself and checking myself into the local institution, I don't know what to do. I'd like to avoid the padded room, but maybe it's necessary. I bet a lot of good people have gotten help there.

I just would really like to take the steps necessary to get things under control, to learn about what this is, and what to do with them. It would be really awesome if I could turn it into the gift people have said it is and use it to help people. I just don't know where to start or what to do. Thanks!

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jitkinge (guest)
5 years ago (2019-08-06)
-Record them, like I do, and then write short stories about them... Maybe even a book and a sequel, like I have;)
-Ask relevant life questions, see what happens...
-Talk to dream characters, see what plane (et) they think you're on, ask who is mayor or president there...etc. Start to name worlds and or places you visit often...
-Teach them how to fly or have vivid dreams in the dream... Have a class...
-Refine flying, for yourself, like I have... Cool take off and landings, speed up slow down... Since you spend so much time there you are in a position to learn whatever you wish.

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