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I've had a lot of paranormal encounters during my teenage years, this one in particular is connected to my Great Grandmother's house. Her game room (which was in the basement) always felt off. It had such a bad energy I never wanted to be in there alone. My great grandmother is a very religious person, with very strong faith. So I never really talked to her about it, but other members of my family had encounters with whatever was in that house.

One night I dreamt that I was moving into a white apartment with my mother and I had to use the restroom, while I was there my great grandma was sitting on the very small vanity. In my head I'm think why are you here, and when I approached her, she lunged and started choking me. I was on the ground struggling to breath, but then suddenly I woke up, but I was still in a dream. Instead I was in the guest bedroom of me grandmothers house. Laying down facing the doorway, and I couldn't move. The door slowly opened and a black mist came in, it was a silhouette shaped like a very tall man. His eyes were red, and he was just a black mist. I stared in fear, but then I realized he was choking me. With that I woke up.

I told my mother about this dream and she told me when she was pregnant with me she had a dream with a brown mist.

Whenever I would stay in my grandmothers house, at certain times at night the door would open on its own.

I was up late playing a game and suddenly the door opened and you just felt this menacing presence. I bolted to the guest room because I wasn't trying to find out.

There are also times at night where I will get the same malevolent feeling, and I will be petrified with fear only to look at my hand and see a black hand shrouded with mist and long black fingers

I just always wondered what was with the house, and why I had such violent dreams regarding the house. The black mist and the brown mist? All of it is just shrouded in mystery.

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AnneV (80 posts) mod
4 years ago (2019-11-13)
No one can say for sure what the history of the house was. Negative energies often focus on young adults because of their high energy. I know it was that way for me when I was young. And the more "open" you are, the more susceptible you are to that.

I wrote an article about shadow people. Maybe this will help?

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