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Sunday 25th August 2019

My alarm clock goes off at 2:30am and I get out of bed to use the bathroom and then downstairs for a glass of water and do so stretches. Back to my bedroom I swap the pillows round and sleep in a different position (the top of my head pointing east). I lay down not totally under the covers and get comfortable. I eventually begin to doze off and someone holds on to my hand and starts to pull me out of my body through the wall. I do not feel threatened and I let it happen. I sense that the Being holding my hand is a woman.

The start of my journey I don't entirely remember where I was, but I do remember seeing a blue sky with some clouds. However, while I do not know where I am, I decide to fly I travel to a less nice-looking place. An underground cave town with light/dark brown bricked layered buildings. I meet a girl but can't remember what she said. But I didn't want to stick around and kept moving to explore. I go through this gap in the large cave wall into a fortress. I am a little worried at first as it looked a little hellish and come across some nasty bobby traps that I have to avoid while I fly. At the end I reach and enter a lift (Elevator) where another guy joins me.

Out of the Lift (Elevator) I am back out into the open. Here I see lots of people and activity in a friendly environment. I look down and see my astral cord. I meet someone and they start to show me round. One of those a glass walled rooms with a young looking lady who I am told only ever gives truthful answers to any question asked. So, I decided to give this a go.

Q1. "Am I gay?"

Answer She says: "Yes I am."

I am a bit confused by the way it is answered.

Q2. "Should I be bisexual?"

Answer: "Why not."

Since those answers were a bit strange when my AP ended, I realised she must get asked these a lot and asked better phased questions to things I should decide for myself.

Q3. "What new job should I get?"

"Yes...have a holiday first."

I reply with a grin. "Now that's an answer I can agree with!" We have a laugh in the room even the lady.

A little fuzzy but I meet someone who I hang out with and we meet someone with a dog who I stroke. There is also man with a scruffy beard who greets me and says he has seen me before and seen me watch p0rn... A bit embarrassed by this but okay with his honesty (a great way to help me quit if I know I'm being watched!)

There is some more exploring I see people walk into an Arcade like Bar and look over a fence as we a little high up, but not much to see other than part of buildings and bushes. In my little group we are greeted by a tall girl who needs help with something down on the ground. I wanted to but seem to hesitate. I was concerned as to my thoughts for or towards her as I may have been a little judgemental to myself. I liked the idea of making friends here. But part of a group we are all going down with her to help (though I don't recall what the help needed was).

(Also throughout my AP I in my head I am reminding myself I am Astral Projecting because in previous AP my mind completely wandered off).

Final part I complain of being disorientated unable to focus as my vision and balance go. They do try to help me and the original girl in my group tells me to focus, but the world around me starts to fade away. Changing to a light dark sky and darker landscape I am laying down. In the moment feeling of being lost. I see the glow of my Cord and this world also fades and I awaken back my bed the glow the last thing I see. The transitioning more emotive than a dream where I normally 'just wake up'.

When I looked at my clock after writing this all down it was 5 AM.

I look forward to your comments, opinions and advice!

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AnneV (80 posts) mod
5 years ago (2019-08-25)
That's great you can stay lucid for so long. Most people just get distracted and fall into a dream scape. For me, I like to have a destination in mind, which helps me focus and make the most out of my experience. Several authors have spoken about using the "Clarity now!" Command to sharpen their experience. I know it works for me too,

I have never seen my astral cord but honestly have never looked for it.

Thanks for sharing.

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