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In 2008, I was going through a hard divorce, I did not take it well, I was deeply sadden. I was unable to sleep and often woke up in the middle of the night upset. So being a smoker, I would go outside to sit on the patio. That is when I started having visions. I was unaware of the dangers in store until one night.

I closed my eyes and saw the face of a bright white luminous man with black eyes and mouth, smiling. I continued to keep my eyes closed, I was not frightened. I examined my surroundings. There were several tables with red chairs and a beaming bright light behind me. I could not find the source no matter which way I looked. There was also a lush green yard surrounded by tall trees. As I stared at the trees the seasons passed. Summer, green deep leaves. Fall came with vivid red, yellow and orange leaves. Winter brought the cold, I could feel my breath with every exhale. I let the seasons pass, it seemed like time was passing me by. Over me somehow. I am unsure how many seasons passed, more than 7? I had this vision on repeat for several years.

After that night, I began to have visions more often. During the day as well. I had no problem with it until one day when I was driving home on a busy freeway, going 75 rpm. I remember blinking, then I was in a vast field. I tried not to panic. I could not see anything but the field. I knew I only had seconds before I hit someone or ran off the road. So I concentrated on seeing the freeway, then the field disappeared. I pulled over very shaken! I worried if I would be able to drive home. Eventually, after an hour of playing music and getting my mind off the vision I was able to drive home. That day I realized I had a very serious problem. It didn't matter that no one understood or believed me. I knew what was happening was real because it had happen before when I was young.

I've had strange things happen to me all my life. My earliest memory was at 3 years old, with people calling my name, but I have never had visions. Since 2008 I have foreseen the deaths of loved ones, through visions. It's like experiencing their death twice or more. I have lost 8 people I loved, the most recent one in September 2019. I have another with terminal cancer, she is in her 40s. This "gift" is not something I encourage. In fact, I try to suppress it and found that it affects my health. I don't know how to use it. I can control it somewhat but it is ever prevalent. Any insight would be appreciated.

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AnneV (80 posts) mod
5 years ago (2019-12-27)
Visions "just are". It's our emotions that make them positive or negative. In one regard, if you have a high suspicion someone is going to pass, you have that extra time to say your goodbyes and heal any breaches. Most people don't get that.

Having visions while driving must be quite alarming. It doesn't sound like you have even a small amount of time to pull over which is unfortunate.

If you're going to have them whether you like them or not, have you considered trying to have them while under a controlled state? You might be able to glean something quite positive out of it. If you're stuck with something, might as well try and make the most of it. I know Pam Coronado offers remote viewing classes for beginners. You might be excellent at it and may even be able to find missing persons, or some other altruistic contribution.

Thanks for sharing,

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