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Is It Sleep Paralysis Or Lucid Dreaming?


My ex boyfriends name isn't important to mention but why I am mentioning him, is. Just in the year 2017 I've been having reoccurring dreams of me suddenly ending a dream and being blinded. Seeing nothing but pitch blackness. All I hear is either my name being repeated over and over or just random things like someone saying, "don't move" or "you" in a very creepy voice. I can't move during this. I told my dad and he went with me to talk to a pastor. I confessed I've tried doing lucid dreaming before but it never worked. But anyway the pastor told me to pray when it happens. A day goes by and I have another one of those occurrences. I prayed and things got worse. I would feel my body getting tighter and I would see a white bright light. My body would feel pins and needles everywhere. Like my soul came back and attached itself into my body. Then I wake up. To get to the point of my ex boyfriend, later that year I've met him. Time goes by and I told him about those weird dreams. He says that was him. I was shocked! We were still on the topic and he confessed to me something that no one knows about. In the year 2013 it was the night before my first day of 6 th grade. I couldn't sleep that night. I lay there in my bed picking at the bumps on my wall until I suddenly heard a whoosh from my window. I got scared and closed my eyes. A few minutes later I fell sleep until I woke up and felt like I couldn't move. Like my body was asleep but I can move my eyes and look around. I didn't see anything but I felt my body was super heavy. Like the bed was mush. I felt a kiss on my lips and well... Just more kissing. He said that was him too. Like he astral projected or something. That happened before I knew him! Please help me know what's the big idea.

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Chadwik (guest)
2 years ago (2021-07-16)
Oh yeah. I posted a story about sleep paralysis and forgot to mention something that happened to me. You mentioned the pins and needles sensation. Well I experienced the sensation of my body vibrating. The vibrations felt like waves washing up and down my body, with each wave feeling like it was trying to pull my spirit out of my body. The vibrations felt like thousands of pins and needles. Only once or twice, when I was really young, did the vibrations succeed in pulling me out of my body. Afterwards, I experienced lucid dreaming and the ability to float around in thin air. It's always scary though when the waves arrive because you feel as though the waves are trying to suck your spirit out of your body, and that seems like death, so I try to resist the vibrations. It's a freaky experience to say the least. FYI my sleep paralysis happened both with and without the vibrations.

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