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Back in 2010, I had met my now Husband and moved to a more rural location just outside of town in north San Diego County. My Husband and I have our own rooms due to my ongoing insomnia and the fact that he snores. The first few months here were uneventful, I had no lucid dreams or obe's and I wondered if that was now behind me. After about four or five months at my new home I sank down into my bed again while I was consciously aware. An old hagged woman spoke something to me that I couldn't make out, something to the effect of "I can't? Any more".

I continued to sink down past her and came to a stop in a dark place where I could make out what appeared to be a young man. As he approached I noticed that he resembled my cousin Lance, he looked like Lance but I knew that it wasn't really him. I then felt the sensation of pain in my genitals, as if someone was squeezing really hard, this caused me to wake up from the muscle paralysis into the waking world however I could still feel the sharp pain in my groin.

This started to happen quite regularly, as soon as I would feel myself detach from my body, I would be assaulted with pain to my groin. Another thing that started to happen was I would be immediately turned over onto my tummy and penetrated from behind. Although I knew exactly what was happening it didn't physically cause any pain however I could definitely feel it. This was something that I hadn't experienced before and it stirred up a bag of mixed emotions.

Excitement and terror were intermingled with the emotional conflict since I was now very happily married. It seemed as if they were waiting and ready as soon as I left my body, ready to assault me. I told my Husband about this, and although he believes me, he can't relate to the experience since he's never had an experience of that nature. This even happened to me when I was out of town one time. I was staying at a hotel with some friends up in Hollywood at Universal Studios for Halloween horror nights.

We didn't get back to our rooms until after two am. As usual I couldn't sleep, I laid there awake until I felt my body fall into catatonia and felt myself separate. This time I felt myself being pulled down to the foot of the bed and then penetrated from behind. It must have lasted a few minutes but seemed longer.

One night I felt myself leave my body and saw two young men in my room, both were nude from the waist down. One was wearing what appeared to be one of those sports jackets with the stripes down the sleeve. I figured that it was these two who had been sexually assaulting me as soon as I entered the astral plane. I felt a force trying to pull me back onto the bed but I was able to resist it when I noticed a man sitting in the corner.

He was very old looking with deep wrinkles and creases in his face, to me he looked Native American.

He didn't say anything but just looked at me, I then heard a whimpering sound coming from the bathroom. As I went to investigate I saw that there was a young woman with her hands tied above her head to the shower nozzle in the shower. She was completely nude and looked of Native American decent. Her body showed bruises and marks as if she'd been abused. Now I'm pissed so I went to confront the old man to ask him what the hell is going on however he wasn't there any more.

About a month or so later I detached from my body but remained in bed. I sat up and was sitting on the edge of my bed looking around the room when what appeared to be a toddler came crawling across my room from the dresser. He was crawling towards the door to my room when he turned to me and said, "it's a meat factory", and then crawled into a cardboard box. I stood up and went over to the box asking what he meant by that but when I checked the box it was empty.

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LottiTheSeer (9 stories) (6 posts)
4 years ago (2019-08-01)
There were definitely times when I was afraid to go to bed at night, even go into my room. However, over the years of dealing with this stuff I've also learned that eventually everyone who crosses into this domain will indeed be tested. Controlling your emotions, especially fear is key here. Your emotions are very readable over there, and those who resonate in low frequency vibrations will be drawn to those emanating low frequency vibrations. If I'm attacked or assaulted I either can return to my body and wake up, or I can confront my attacker without fear, this will either transport me to a higher plane, or my attacker will transform into something non threatening. While awake I've only really felt malevolence in this house once, and I will be submitting that story pretty soon. This house is filled with love, and those old parasites must be frustrated with the changes in me, however from time to time, they still try. Thanks again for your comment Anne.
AnneV (79 posts) mod
4 years ago (2019-07-26)
That place you live sounds like a mess of negative energy. I think it would be easier to move than deal with all that! You could try some energy clearing but it sounds as if it's pretty strong there. Maybe try swapping rooms with your husband and see if that helps.
Thanks for sharing,

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