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I Saw Myself On The Bed Sleeping


I'm a Filipino. English is not my first language, therefore there are times I have difficulty describing the sensations I felt along the experience.

My house was small and I live with my family so I had to share my closet with my brother.

I was resting during the afternoon. It was a hot afternoon so my AC was on.

I was already asleep, but I remembered I was really annoyed because my brother kept going in and out of my room, so my sleep was disturbed but since I was really tired, I was able to get back to sleep. What really ticked me off was when my brother didn't close the door. Since the cool air escaped, the room started to warm up, which is why I woke up. I was still pretty sleepy so I decided that I wanted to close the door and get back to sleep.

Here's where it went all weird.

I tried to get up, but my body was so heavy, it was like I was tied to my bed. With enough struggling I finally got up. I don't why, but I had an urge to look behind me (where my bed was) and I saw myself, on the bed. Sleeping. Not after a split second after seeing myself, it was like I got sucked back into where my other self was. I was so shocked at what happened, I open my eyes only to notice that I was still on the bed. The shock woke me up so I ended up just getting up and wondering what just happened.

I'm unfamiliar with astral projection nor do I think what just happened was related to this matter. Maybe it was just a weird dream, but I'm really interested in what it is, astral or not.

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Trisha2019 (guest)
4 years ago (2019-08-29)
I keep having the same dream kind of but what looks like it did the devil kept telling me he was going to be coming for me in a matter of days and then tonight I had a really bad out of body experience something wus pulling me and dragging me into the air! I could see my body laying on the bed I remember I couldn't move my arms at all I wish trying to repeatedly yap my fiance! But I could move my legs wus going crazy I'm so freaked I can't go BK go bed,! I believe what we both encountered wus out of body experiences. But I would like to know why this thing keeps trying to take me away...

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