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The Dream Of The Ghostly White Dog


Before I begin this story I would like to say any spelling mistakes was because this was written on notepad before and I could've wrote incorrectly on the notepad. But I've put it through an spell checker so it should be alright, also, the I had the dream on 1/4/2020

The dream↓

I was lying on my stomach with my face pointed towards the centre on my bed. As I lay there I hear what sound's like dog claws enter my room, slowly walking around my bed. I can even panting slightly with each claw step,

The dog claw sounds makes its way around to my head and and then I feel breathing on the back of my neck, I can feel the breath, this goes on for a few minutes, then the dog (I say dog instead of claw sounds because I thought it was either my tamaskan, great Dane, or Australian shepherd) leaves the room, probably because I didn't roll over to pat it. Then the dream (very realistic but it must've been an dream) ended

I've had an sight of the dog which I believe to be the dog in my dream, so i'll post it to your ghost stories, if it gets published i'll leave an link to it in the comments of this story, I've had an dream similar to this dream before of my beloved cat katie who died, also I see her every night unless i'm seeing things, so I do believe I really did see an white dog, who I believe might be connected to the dream, the dog looks very much like my childhood dog who I named "Christmas" (weird name but I loved the holidays and still do).

Also my dog Christmas was white with blue eyes and the dog I saw had green glowing eyes, but I still believe it was him.

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hawkfrost-isrightfulclanleader (1 stories) (2 posts)
4 years ago (2020-04-10)
*i had the dream* not *the I had the dream* R.I.P my grammer, stupid notepad

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