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Pulled Out Of The Body Inside The Airplane


I started to have this experience since 1-2 years ago. It started with I can see the beings (with my eyes only black shadow but somehow I know roughly how they look likes in my head) . Then I started to get dreams about someone else memories, the places I never even seen before even in magazine or tv.

It started when I was going to visit my boyfriend in malaysia. I felt like something tried to prevent me from going as since the night before I encounter many things and problems.

So I was waiting in the airport lounge and I fell asleep but not fallen into the deep sleep yet there, and then some image began to appear before my eyes, something unexplainable, weird and a bit scary.

Skip to when I was inside the plane already, it was a rouge flight since the start until we landed (from what I know we having turbulence all the way and suppose to crash

Then I close my eyes to sleep, images start to appear. Many hands crawling before me, then an eyes that turn to 2 ball of black and white making somewhat of a yin and yang symbol then it turn to 2 snakes of white and black. The snakes turn into 2 person (again black and white looks like ancient chinese clothing with the headpiece and stuff)

After that I feel my body being pulled out and I found my self being pulled out of my body and out of the plane (I see my body, the flight attendants serving people, the plane, the cloud n sky n everything) then I was tumbling up and down on the sky. Then I see a dark fog or cloud all around the plane, but there's something covering the plane (it look like 2 golden hand covering the plane) . Then after awhile I feel my self being pulled back inside my body n I suddenly awake. The flight attendants indeed was serving and coming toward me.

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Ash (guest)
5 years ago (2019-06-03)
You all where about to die, the demons/fallen ones was going to crash it hence the dark cloud you saw, BUT Jesus/God protected it "Golden hands" Thank God!

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