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New Mantra For Astral Projection


Everyone wants an Out of Body experience. I needed to. I wanted to see what is Astral Travelling? Whatever I read on internet and books, is this true or its some story based on fantasy.

It all started when I was going through sleep paralysis and something was pushing my face towards pillow. That thing was pushing it so hard that I was literally chocking. I was never afraid of Ghosts and Demons. I am a little short tempered. When that thing was pushing my face, I got extremely angry as I am unable to move a muscle and that thing is pressing my face down. I used my entire force and sat down in anger and that thing ran away from the door. It opened the door of my room and ran away. In a moment of eye, I was in my bed again and I just woke up.

Now I had a question in mind that what the heck just happened. Was it a dream or was it a reality? I read a lot of articles on internet and read a lot of books and came to know that It was my soul that stood up in anger. My body was still sleeping. That changes the way I see this world. It means that this world is not like what we think it is. There are many hidden truths and secrets that we still need to explore.

This way, my journey started.

I read about Astral projections a lot as my previous experience was unintentionally without knowing anything. This time, I want to do it intentionally and explore this new world.

So, I woke up at 3:15 am in morning. Kept my body in freeze mode. No movement at all. The Hard thing was to keep my mind awake while body sleeps. I came across a Mantra for that. Its "OB OV OM OH". You must recite this mantra slowly in your brain keeping your body still. It finally happened. I first thought its sleep paralysis again, but my entire body just start vibrating on full scale. Vibrating means vibrating from Head to toe. Every single part was vibrating on full scale. I was still lying without a movement. Now, I started floating in air. It was my Astral Body or Soul that was going up towards roof. The vibrations were still very high.

At that point I came to know that it wasn't my body vibrating. It was my soul that was vibrating to match the vibration of the Astral Plane to enter it. I read almost all stories saying body vibrates but it's your Astral Body or Soul that vibrates. I became very excited and suddenly my Astral Body started coming back into my physical body. Slowly and slowly it came back. I tried again but I got my head stuck with physical body. Legs were in air. And finally, my Astral body flipped downwards and landed in physical body and I moved. It was like shiat man. I missed because of excitement.

Next day, I tried to do the same but in office. I have a sick room in office where anyone can rest if feeling sick. So, I used it for my Astral Projection. I did the same, but I kept my handkerchief or Hanky (A small piece of cloth) over my eyes to stop the light. My astral body was again floating over my body. This time, I tried a flip and my Astral body landed just along my physical body. I was watching myself sleeping. But it wasn't clear. That hanky was over my eyes and I was not able to remove it. I made several tries to remove it from eyes of my Astral body, but I couldn't. So, I decided to move back in my body again and then try again after removing cloth.

I entered my Body again but unable to try again due to light.

I know now that everything exists. It's us that have limited ourselves to only this world.

Points to remember.

1. Recite the mantra "OB OV OM OH".

2. Remember, your entire body must vibrate on full scale. You will come to know that it's your soul that vibrates.

3. Don't keep anything over your eyes. Just try during night time or early in morning.

For any questions, Reply on the post.

Happy Travelling!

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Hermes13 (1 posts)
4 years ago (2019-12-31)
How many days before u actually experience astral travel using this mantra
The Healer (guest)
4 years ago (2019-10-23)
The key to Astral Projection is keeping your mind awake and your body asleep. This Mantra will keep your mind awake while your body rests. Just do not divert your mind anywhere else and focus on the mantra. You will soon feel your body getting heavier and sleep. Since, your mind is still active, it will eventually lead to Astral Projection. However, Don't get excited when your subtle body starts to leave the physical body as excitement will cause your subtle body to fall back into physical body. Stay Calm during the process.

Regarding the Mantra, Its actually the sounds of vibrations that entire universe and planets produce. Every atom vibrates at a frequency. In our dimension, it vibrates at 7.5 Htz. However, there are many other realms and dimensions that vibrates at other frequencies. Since, we are unable to vibrate at their frequencies, we cannot see them.

To control the vibration of our body, we can see everything ourselves. This Mantra helps in that.

If you have any more questions, fee free to ask.
caleb09 (1 posts)
5 years ago (2019-04-03)
How did you come across the "OB OV OM OH" mantra. What does it mean? Where can I find more information about how to recite it properly...?

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