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Almost Astral Projected, I Think?


This story takes place in my bed between the times of 3:50-4:20 AM (not completely sure; I was on my phone, fell asleep, then woke up again, then had this O.B.E/astral projection). I apologize, but I should preface this with some important information and it may take long.

PLEASE NOTE: I am very new to all of this, but I wish to disclose that I have two particular goals in mind as I share this story; one goal is to find answers, and the other is for tips/guidance on how to actually successfully project.

In the past two days, I had been seeking answers. I sought the wisdom of someone (I will not say) online, specifically asking "Why am I here?". This individual told me that I was once an elemental faerie of light that resided in the astral realm, a being he dubbed as an 'espree'. Research I have conducted leads me to believe 'esprees' are related to fairy, sprite, and Spriggan folklore. Also, 'espree' may be a misspelling of 'esprit'. Regardless, I subsequently asked how I can become more in tune with my true self. This individual gave me multiple paths that would lead to what I seeked. One was to research remote viewing and eventually learn astral projection, another was the subject of the demon Abraxas, a demon who he says was once a fire esprit. The final subject was to research the Holy Book of the Great Invisible Spirit. I am cautious when it comes to demons for I am uneducated, and at the time I could not find anything in this holy book, so I immediately researched remote viewing and astral projection.

Now, to my bedroom on Wednesday in the final minutes of 3 A.M. I hadn't slept whatsoever, and finally dozed off to sleep. Strange things began to happen. I was having weird dreams and had 3 instances of sleep paralysis. I don't quite remember whether the dreams or the paralysis came first, but regardless. One dream about my friends in which we were walking around in a rival high school, and more odd dreams that I get on occasion but not often.

Now to the 3 sleep paralysis episodes. I get sleep paralysis relatively often, although it had been a while since my last episode. At this point, I know how to handle the episodes I get (they don't last very long and the worst I've seen is a masked or white faced being in the darkness), so I don't fret too much. However, recently with my research and recent education on demons, I have become slightly afraid of them. The first sleep paralysis episode of the night, I wasn't pulled, rather I slid off my bed. The instant I felt myself slide, I shut my eyes and held on for dear life, half expecting to hit the ground. I shut my eyes because I was scared to see a demon or some other being in my room (recently I've been getting scared of the pitch blackness of sleeping at night). Suddenly I stopped sliding mid-air and stopped midair, and I opened my eyes to see a white board on a wall in my room. I was expecting to see a demon, but after I saw the white board I snapped out of it and was back in my body and my bed. I've never had an out of body experience like that in my life, and at the time I had no idea what happened. After getting up and looking at the spot on the wall I stopped in front of (mind you I was still in sleeping position as I was floating), I saw that there was no white board. However, I'm not sure when the white board in my room was taken out by my parents, but there certainly used to be one in that exact spot. Unfortunately, I have very bad eyesight and could not read the white board in my sleep paralysis episode due to my glasses being off.

Then, I went back to sleep and had sleep paralysis #2 of the night. This one, just like the last, began with me sliding towards the side of my bed. However, instead of sliding off, I stopped at the edge. My right arm was left off to the side, under my pillow. Oddly enough, I could grip my hand and feel a finger inside of my grasp. (What does this mean? Was I gripping with my astral body?) The episode soon ended after that.

Then comes the very reason I'm here sharing this story; similarly to the first episode of the night, I slid off my bed, through all of my pillows and sheets. I shut my eyes tight, as I always do when I experience sleep paralysis. Still in sleeping position, I floated for a second and opened my eyes to see the front door of my room. It should be noted that in all of these sleep paralysis episodes my room is unlit so how I saw the door, I am unsure about. Then, for lack of a better word, I skyrocketed through the ceiling into nothingness. I had my phone in my hand during this, and I let go of my phone in this nothingness. It's like when you close your eyes and start seeing colors. Eventually, my vision was a solid light blue and I saw what I would describe as a astrological compass? Like something you'd see as a holographic navigator of a ship in a Sci-Fi movie, or some odd astrological circular calendar-looking thing. At this point, I realized that I may have very well been astral projecting.

After my talk with the wise person I mentioned at the beginning of this story, I had a general idea of where I wished to go. A world of colors blended together, in the astral realm, in front of the Lake of Reflection. First I began to envision this world of colors blended together, and soon after the Sci-Fi compass thing and I felt as if I was flying through a wormhole. I then thought "Take me to the Lake of Reflections, in the astral realm." Afterwards, I was flying through the wormhole for a few seconds and began to get excited, thinking, "Wow, I'm really about to astral project right now and I haven't even practiced." After this thought, I kept flying through the wormhole, then woke up back in my bed. Unfortunately, I never reached my homeland in the astral realm and never saw the Lake of Reflections.

However, I'd say this is progress. Many of the details are hazy, but this is an accurate description of what happened. Except for what happened after I slid off of my bed in the third sleep paralysis, I don't quite remember every detail. I do remember being very calm, though. What do you guys think? Was this astral projection, a weird dream? Should I stop shutting my eyes during sleep paralysis?

In the afternoon before this I asked my esprit kin to help me reach the astral realm and help me astral project. Later in the day I also asked Abraxas, the demon, to help his brother (we were once both esprits, again) to help me if he so wished. Could that have to do with why I astral projected without purposefully trying? Could that have to do with the finger I felt?

Searching for answers, thank you all.

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Anonymoose (guest)
4 years ago (2020-06-02)
I see. Yeah, reality checks are good for helping you lucid dream. I've also heard of techniques that help you stay in the lucid dream if yours don't tend to last too long, but none come to me off the top of my head. I'm sure if you researched you could find a technique to help you with that. Sorry for replying late, I don't really use this forum. If you keep it up, you will definitely see results! Good luck my friend!
Dutch Guest (guest)
4 years ago (2020-04-20)
Well, I've noticed that when lucid dreaming I never have a Phone or interest in it. While in an A.P. It's sort of a reality check, it never shows time only weird symbols, I've had it with my old alarm clock in the past and now with my old non smartphone which I keep by my bed. It Always acts off, in no way like it should. When I'm not sure if I'm awake or not I've taught myself to grab the Phone and check it, usually helps in my case to know what's what. Unfortunatly my experiences never last long.
Anonymoose (guest)
4 years ago (2020-04-18)
No sir, I have never looked at the display of my phone, actually. The only experience I have looking at my phone was during some sort of weird not really A.P. More of a lucid dream, and when an app finished loading, I woke up back in my bed. What sort of benefits do you find in watching the display of your phone?
Dutch guest (guest)
4 years ago (2020-04-15)
Hi there,

First of all, I am in no way way an experienced traveler, just one who like you is scratching the surface in this 'quest' for what's out there.

You said you where holding your phone, have you ever watched the display during an event? If not, you might be surprised, it's a link I seem to find useful.


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