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Astral Projection And Swimming With Whales; Coincidence?


I've been looking into astral projection lately, and about six days ago I had a dream after attempting to practice at it. In the dream I started out in open ocean during the day, swimming about 20 feet below the surface. To be descriptive, the waters were calm and the sunlight reaching into the water where I was swimming about was just absolutely breathtaking. For some context, it's been one of my dreams my entire life to swim in open ocean without fearing death. While I'm mortally terrified of the thought of swimming in open ocean all alone, in this dream I felt very at peace for a little bit doing so. After a while I started to get a little anxious being all lone in the water. I desperately wanted to find something to swim with me; A turtle, a whale, dolphin, anything. But out of all, I wanted to swim with a whale so badly. Anyway, I swam alone for a while longer until I looked behind me and saw the most beautiful creature I've ever seen. It was a massive blue whale, on its own route. I immediately swam towards it and somehow clung to it near the base of its tail. It was so mesmerizing watching it move. I've never felt so comfortable and safe in my entire life. To keep this short, the dream ended a little bit after with nothing else but us swimming.

Here's where the weird coincidence came: I woke up that morning and immediately wanted to do some more research on astral projection, stuff like things to do if and when you successfully project, of that general nature. I came across someone on a website that I don't remember that had a little list of random stuff to do; It was pretty mediocre, but I still read it haha. One of the first things ticked off on the list was "Swim with Whales", and I was thinking about how weird of a coincidence it was that I literally just had a dream swimming with whales. Could it have been that I projected in my sleep and didn't realize it, or was it just a simple coincidence?I've been told that when we sleep we unknowingly project, so naturally when this occurred I was really curious. Opinions will be appreciated.

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Sonya Boyd (guest)
3 years ago (2021-10-21)
I have projected swimming with whales I don't know how I got there and I was so terrified and even after I awoke I was traumatized from the experience I have never felt such fear of the ocean and the whales anyone else feel anything like this
Caroline (guest)
4 years ago (2020-12-16)
This morning in my astral projection I manifested myself into an ancient planet where I swam with large whales that looked like they had orange tulip shaped heads. They were one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. I felt serene in the warm blue water, watching the sunlight dance over the ocean floor with the coral reef and the fish swimming down under me. The whales were large, bigger than 18 wheelers and I just weaved in and out of green sloping islands with them. That's the farthest I've gotten in a projection. Congrats to you and your whale projection!

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