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This afternoon, after an hour or so of trying to take a nap, I finally (and I say 'finally' because it is usually very hard) became conscious at the point where I was entering sleep paralysis (I felt the vibrations of my body wanting to fall asleep and then seized the moment consciously!). I applied the rope technique, where basically you imagine a rope coming out from you and extending up into infinity, and you imagine yourself climbing the rope to 'pull yourself out' of your body. I saw my astral arm and my astral leg coming out, but my head was still in its 'body position' and so hard to pull out. What is usually annoying is the acute noise that I hear as I shift into another plane, that gets louder and louder. I know it is the same noise of my tinnitus condition that I have all the time, but it only gets very loud when these shiftings are taking place. I think the reason people have tinnitus is because there is a slight interference with another plane for some unknown reason, or that they are catching signals from that other plane (I wish I knew how to get rid of that noise for good!). Unfortunately, I became a bit scared because these moments happen rarely and because being consciously paralyzed is not very pleasant when you are a beginner. I hope I will be more successful for times to come. I do feel that the vibrations to sleep paralysis are more easily 'detected' when trying to take a nap in the afternoon or early in the morning, when you wake up for a moment and then try to finish your sleep.

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Dutch guest (guest)
2 years ago (2020-04-15)
Hi there,

The noises are part of the deal I'm afraid, but also very usefull, you want them (in my experience) loud and high pitched, when their low and almost like the sound you get from a good long yawn they have proven to be a deal breaker for me since they allways seem to end up in a dark trip, the higher frequency the better I guess, but I'm not entirely sure if that's for everyone.

My personal method has taught me to stop trying during the day but keep yourself into it, thinking about it, keeping journals etc...
Nowadays I go to bed at night, empty my head of any thoughts except of a simple mantra, whatever you feel comfortable with, try to keep that up while only focusing on your forehead until you fall asleep. Chances are high (In my case) you wake up around 3/4 am with the noises, then try your personal method.

Good luck!
Guest15511271 (guest)
5 years ago (2017-01-02)
Literally just about the same exact thing happened to me yesterday. Except, I forgot to apply the rope method because I was pretty excited and just tried to get out of my body forcefully. I was able to get my arm out, but that was about it. Hopefully when I get this rare chance I won't ruin it this time. I hear the same noises as well

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