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The Anatomy of a Projection

The Catatonic State

There is a state of awareness that most of us encounter at some time or another that is not astral projection, nor is it a dream.

The catatonic state of awareness is when our consciousness detaches and transfers itself from our physical body to our etheric body (but not yet in the astral body). However, the etheric body is still considerably attached to the physical, and has most of the "control".

Clinical psychologists call this Sleep Paralysis, but they are wrong. They define this as a REM sleep state and that the consciousness can not become aware of anything by perceiving it and that it can be aware of nothing except what it "hallucinates". When I read about Sleep Paralysis, I have to smile, because here are some of the symptoms:

  • Vibrations and shaking
  • The sensation of floating, as in "out of body"
  • The sense that other beings are in the room or vicinity
  • The ability to see through closed eyes.

We are immobile because the abilities are no longer with the physical. You can "see" through closed eyelids because we are seeing in the etheric body (I get this all the time). Your physical "muscles" don't work because your consciousness is no longer sending conscious signals to your physical body. Since the etheric is also known as the electromagnetic body, you can hear radio waves and people on the lower planes. Another common side effect is the inability to move (again, because you are not completely attached to the physical body so you cannot scream, move, or anything of a physical nature). It's like having a mind, and no body. This can be a terrifying state (and is for about 90% of reported cases) because although you can hear people in or near your room, you are immobile! If you read my Science and Astral Projection Link (and then read the "test results") you'll see that the catatonic state increases with the use of these magnets due to the nature of the etheric body.

The chemical process that creates this catatonic state, thus allowing the consciousness to switch vehicles, starts with REM sleep. REM sleep begins with signals from an area at the base of the brain called the pons. These signals travel to a brain region called the thalamus, which relays them to the cerebral cortex. The pons also sends signals that shut off neurons in the spinal cord, causing temporary paralysis of the limb muscles (the catatonic state).

So what does one do in this state? Well, I'm a big advocate that fear should be overcome, so I try and face it, regardless of the outcome. Just this weekend I woke up in this state and felt someone in my room, I killed all fear and just "welcomed" it. It turned into a very pleasant experience unlike the one before where I was very afraid.

You can also try and project from this state. Several days ago I woke up in this state, told myself to try and not be afraid, and then focused on my third eye. Vibrations rushed in, but I just couldn't let the nagging thought escape me that I was "vulnerable" in this state, so the vibrations continued for a few minutes, and then dissipated.

It's important to learn control and develop the ability to manipulate the consciousness in this state. Practice and facing fear is the only way to get around this.

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