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Nde? Or Obe?


Back in 2002, I had an experience. I am not sure why or how it happened, but it was scary. I was laying in bed and I started to feel really sleepy. I turned the tv off and reached over to turn the light off. The second my fingers touch the little black knob, everything went black. I was falling down and I was flipping and turning at such an alarming rate of speed. Next thing I know, I'm coming to a very soft and "pillowy" stop. I was looking up from the floor between my bed and the little night stand. I couldn't move at all, like I was paralyzed. I heard this buzzing sound coming from all directions, it was very very loud. I thought that I was in a dream or something. If I'm dreaming, I'll just think about standing up and I'll just wake up from this really, really vivid dream. Next thing, I'm standing up, and I'm walking around my bed, and there were lights in each corner of my room, but I know that there were no lamps or lights there. As I approached my bedroom door, I could see my mom in the living room, and I could see her husband at the time in the bedroom, at the same time. I could also see through the door. I tried to open the door and when my hand got to the handle, it just passed through it, like I was a ghost. I look at my hand, and it was transparent. I looked at the bed, and saw myself laying down, and I freaked out! I put my hands together and looked up and said "I cannot let my mother find me like this" and tried to get back in my body. Things got really cold, and I remember the ceiling fan was on low, but it was so loud. Next thing, I finally come to and I'm on the edge of the bed, and I haven't even touched the light switch, but my fingers very close to it. It's like no time had passed by at all in this world, but in that world, I experienced about probably like 2 minutes of, well, that world. I was crying and called my mother in my room. She tried to calm me down and just told me it was a bad dream. For 5 years, I just simply forgot that anything like whatever I had experienced, had took place at all. Until I came across an article in the paper about out of body experiences, and everything I had experienced, this guy was telling his story and it matched up to a tee. I started to cry. Went out, bought a book on these experiences, and come to find out I had an obe. All of a sudden, I began to have these experiences again. I associate them with a feeling of dying so I try to not have them all together, but one night I had enough of trying to fight it, looked at my mom in tears and said just know that if I don't come back, that I love u. And she kind of looked at me like I was crazy, and then I went from sitting up in bed to laying down and when my head touched the pillow case, I went floating up towards the ceiling and went through it, and came rising up to a white picket fence with flowers around each picket of the fence. There was a gate in the center of it all. Quite beautiful. It was twilight outside, the sun and the moon were out at the same time. All I knew is that this was home. I started to reach for the gate, then felt someone grab my lower leg and pull me back down to earth. When I got back into my body, I had the best feeling I have ever had in my entire life. For at least 30 minutes, I lay still because the feeling was just incredible! Was this an obe or nde? I have much more to tell, I just don't know if everybody is ready for it. Id like to tell my story in person.

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The Healer (guest)
5 years ago (2018-10-30)
You had an OBE known as Astral Travel. You travelled to higher gates where power and peace resides but somebody dragged you down. May be, Its not the right time to enter that door.

May be in Near future. But what I drive from this story is that you have these powers by birth and something triggered them and they become active.

A trigger can be anything, Any accident, Shock or extreme sorrow, Something striked your head etc.

But these powers are now active. You need to be careful with using them and also you can use it to learn many new things.

All the inventions in this world actually came from Astral worlds. You can search for your spirit guide there or just call him to come and help you to identify your true path for life.

Good Luck
AnneV (80 posts) mod
5 years ago (2018-10-29)
This was an OBE. But if you think about it, what's the difference really between OBE and NDE? Your spirit leaves your physical shell in both cases. You just don't come back in one.

You fear this because you don't have knowledge yet outside of a few scraps here and there. There are plenty of book references on the site (I started with Robert Monroe and William Buhlman) and I also have a beginner's guide on this site. We fear what we don't know. But as you found out, if you get away from your physical shell (one of the first things I recommend in the guide) and move up in the astral, the experience can be quite wonderful.

Thanks for sharing.

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