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Hello Stranger


I'm not sure where to start really, but I think I have been astral projecting often or having someone or something astral projecting to me while I sleep.

For many years I have seen and been visited by a man, I'm sure I've never met in person so to speak. He always looks so surprised to see me or that I see him when it happens.

Lately it hasn't happened as often, but he seems to be trying really hard to tell me something. But I can never understand or hear him.

I wish I could post the drawings I've done of you my astral vistor and I wish I knew what you were trying to say.

He has short black hair and green eyes.

During our last encounter we were at the pier and he was frantically talking to me but no sound was coming out. I said I didn't understand him and he seemed utterly frustrated by that. But ever persistent he pulled me along leading us away from the pier to town.

I've dreamed and possibly projected so often with this person I just really wish I knew why or how to stop it. I don't try to think of them. Or seem to have a choice in the matter when they appear.

There have been times when I think I have projected to wherever they are at. This seems to concern them when I just appear there with them. He has often a afraid or frantic look and tries to hide me in odd places. I wish I was better as t explaining these incidents and much better at wording them. But I stumbled upon this page and thought if I am astral projecting to them maybe just maybe I could finally meet and figure out who keeps trying to talk to me.

I guess what I'm saying is, Hello stranger I hope we get to talk soon.

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hawkfrost-isrightfulclanleader (1 stories) (2 posts)
4 years ago (2020-04-20)
maybe he's trying to warn you of something, I have seen something similar to your little vistor, I once seen an man with black-fading to white at the bottom hair, he had icy blue eyes, he couldn't speak, and I finally decided to pull out an spirit, can't spell out the boreds name cuz I can't remember the name, and tho the bored was for paranormal... He commicated with it, he told me these exact words "hello, my name is shadow, I am the prince of shadows. And i've been trying to warn you of something, your uncle is dying, so you need to say your farewells, also we will meet in person. Goodbye" (thank god I wrote that down so I can remember it) anyways, maybe use an spirit bored? Also i've read somewhere that green eyes can sometimes mean something spiritual. You really need to know what he's saying, it could be urgent
Dutch Guest (guest)
4 years ago (2020-04-18)
That's though, I guess many times it happens without even realising it. A friend claims to have seen me without me knowing I was projecting and my daughter claimed I visited her in her dreams when she was younger (we live apart). And though during that time I dreamt of her also I have no recollection of projecting to her...

I hope you meet him!

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