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Sleep Paralysis Or Something More


I'm fairly new here. I wanted to share my story with anyone who will read and give feedback because I'm honestly tired of having these odd nightmares. I've always had weird, bizarre dreams. I think the first one started off with me coming out of my body and watching myself sleep. I do remember that I floated around my room and house, then I floated back into my body when it was time to wake.

I've never had any other weird dream like that but that was the beginning to my weird nightmares. After that dream, months down the road I had a dream where I was in this field. I remember there being tall grass surrounding me. I walked through it and these cloak figures came into view. They ended to gathering around me and told me to hate people, that it's fine because they hate people too. These entities stood taller than the grass, so I was puny compared to these beings. I was afraid and forced myself to wake.

After a while, I'd dream of cloak figures every now and then and I've been lucky to where it's been a whole year of not dreaming of them. Sadly, I was not so lucky because just the other night I had a dream of this tall, bald, burnt creature. He ended up having sexual intercourse with me, all while doing so his face kept morphing. I woke up feeling grossed out and confused. My sister had also seen the same thing while she had sleep paralysis. Why do I keep having these odd dreams? What are they? Do they mean me harm? Are they demons? Or something more? Is this just nightmares?

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LottiTheSeer (9 stories) (6 posts)
5 years ago (2019-12-17)
Hello Gremthena, thanks for sharing your experience. I can relate to your experiences with the cloaked figures, I had three of them beside my bed during a sleep paralysis episode, I've also had them try to lure me into certain areas.
What got my attention because it strikes a deep cord with me is the sexual intercourse. I've had this happen to me on numerous occasions, and my research on the topic usually always points to Incubi and Succubi.
Most sources refer to these beings as demons, some as parasites, some as both. From what I understand, these beings are like life force vampires, they can instil a strong lust mixed with stark terror and they feed off of the energy that these emotions put off, leaving you drained and exhausted the next day.
I'm not trying to scare you just referring to what I've researched. These can also be human entity's who were sexually addicted in life and are drawn to this energy and don't want to let go of it.
I find it interesting that your sister has seen them as well. I don't know you or your sisters age however I've read that people in their teens are often targeted, especially if they're going through a lot of turmoil, this is what happened to me.
I just want you to know that you're not alone and you don't have to knuckle under to these beings, believe in yourself and the positive energy you bring. Find laughter where you can, this tends to confuse and throw them off and when you emanate confidence, compassion and love, they can't harm you. Stay strong.
AnneV (80 posts) mod
5 years ago (2019-12-16)
As the author and editor of this webpage, I can't count the times people have mentioned "cloaked beings". There is one point to being cloaked, and that's to remain hidden. To remain hidden can mean that their appearance will scare the person they are presenting themselves to or the other time I personally saw a cloaked being was a being that started non cloaked but when I saw it, it immediately drew a cloak around itself. In a dark sky or surrounding, they can almost become invisible. When I asked the being "Why did you cloak yourself?" It said, "Aren't you afraid?" And I said "no." In its own way, it was thinking it was protecting me from a reaction of fear. But if beings are presenting themselves right off the bat cloaked, they are probably trying to spare you their appearance. And are you sure the cloaked beings aren't also the dark leathery ones? They may be the same. I saw a dark leathery being very much up close and personal and I was not afraid but I could see how others would very much be. It rather had the face of the quintessential "devil" with pointed chin and such. I can't say for certain that you had a past live with them, only observing that they are interested in you. Since I can't climb into their mind, it's only a guess on my part. "Something" about you attracts them, otherwise you'd not run into them.

Regardless of their interest in you, you do have free will to tell them to go.

We are human "beings" but we're not the only "beings" out there. There are lots. And as we start to explore OBEs and such, that's when we start to run into them.

Thanks for sharing your interesting experiences.
Gremthena (2 stories) (2 posts)
5 years ago (2019-12-16)
AnneV, thank you for your feedback, it means a lot! And which being was I in my past life? The hooded beings or this leathery type one? This was the first time ever seeing the leather type one but now that you've mentioned it, I've had multiple dreams of these cloak entities and I've always been quite drawn to them. I have no idea why but I am.
AnneV (80 posts) mod
5 years ago (2019-12-16)
You could have been out of body when looking at your sleeping form (likely).

Being told to hate anything is not spiritually developed but you may have a kinship with this type of being. I don't think that one had 'burnt skin', more like that's just how it looked. I've seen those dark leathery types too. You may have been one of them in a past life which is why they still show interest. You may have incarnated in this live time because you wanted to evolve past them. Them trying to lower you to their level (hate) is because they don't want you to move on to higher planes of consciousness. So the choice is yours to tell them "leave me be--peacefully" or buy into what they say. I think this is the lesson for all of us. Doesn't matter if it's a cloaked being or a racist-- hate is hate and it will lower your vibrations and trap you into lower realms and experiences while here on earth. Not to mention that 'like attracts like' and a person, or being, will draw more of that to themselves.

Hope this helps.

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