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The Tall Thin Woman


Since I began lucid dreaming I was having them quite frequently, at least a few times a week. I hadn't had any of the visitors until one night when I awoke unable to move. I was laying on my back when this happened and all I could do was move my eyes. I was looking around the room when I noticed some one was standing directly next to me on the right side of my bed.

I was straining to turn my eyes as far as I could to the right but could only make out a tall thin figure, it didn't make any sound but just stood there about ten inches from me. I tried to move my fingers and toes but I couldn't.

I then noticed movement from the figure to my right, as she moved more into my line of sight I could see a very tall and thin woman, she appeared to have long blonde or grey hair and she was semi transparent. She appeared to be wearing something that looked like possibly a night gown, light blue in colour.

She slowly glided towards the foot of my bed and turned at the end of my bed in front of me and slowly dissipated. I laid there still unable to move wondering if this tall thin woman will return while I can't move. Who was she and what did she want with me? She didn't say anything. I started focusing on trying to move my fingers and toes, it seemed like I was laying there for ten minutes trying to move them when I finally was able to move my fingers and then my toes. Shortly after I finally broke free of the paralysis.

This was the third visitation I experienced not counting the small glowing being that I encountered when I first astral projected. This woman didn't really frighten me like the thing in the doorway and the old hag, however it had my heart racing just the same.

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Gon (guest)
4 years ago (2020-02-11)
Hi, I saw the same woman, like 3 times. I also founded records of this tall woman in a documentary, and in a the movie "Mara".
LottiTheSeer (9 stories) (6 posts)
5 years ago (2019-06-23)
The techniques I use the most are dream recall and reality checks. I find the more I recall my dreams, the more likely I am to have a lucid dream. I also ask myself during the day, "am I dreaming"? I do this throughout the day to get myself in the habit of questioning my reality. Eventually if I do this enough, combined with the strong desire to go lucid, I usually do. However the majority of my lucid dreams are what they call WILDS, wake induced lucid dreams. This is because my conscious mind is usually still awake when my body falls asleep. To stay lucid in a lucid dream, if I see the detail beginning to fade, I'll often look at my hands, or I'll spin. For some reason when I spin that often puts me back into vivid surroundings. Sometimes I simply say "clarity now" and that often works. I hope I answered your question. Thanks for commenting.
AnneV (80 posts) mod
5 years ago (2019-06-23)
I wrote about the catatonic state here:

What techniques do you use to become lucid?
Thanks for sharing,

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