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Something That I Can Not Answer


I have been dreaming almost the same thing again and again. Over the years. Its started, whit like a lucid dream where I 2 times dreamed spinning upside down across room to room and filled some entity but I can't see it. Feeling was so real. When I woke up everything was the same as in dream, light of television working.

Then some years later it happened again whitout spning but just like lucid dream and almost every time I feel something is whit me but I can't see it and then starts new side efect like my head was exploding, in the dream... I can't speak and even scream is to difficult and moving, is to hard to move. Every time someone is whit me, and I feel this someone is playing whit me. Every time when I start dreaming sometething like this.

The last thing happened two night back, When I was dreaming something kind of shiat, and then woke up in my bed, I was still in dream state, and suddenly I feel someone was slowly pulling my out of bed, I try to move but cant, then somehow I woke up in the same position like I was seeing in the dreamy legs,table. Felling was so real-like lucid dreams. And the someone speak in my language I will follow you or I found you, you can't get rid of me, go to hell. To my body speaking not clairaudiently.

The worst thing what happened to me until this time, just because of this voice. Pulling out of bed and attacking and just making me sick is the gun of all times, and the holly buzzing in head like I will die and after sometimes its continues. And almost every time I feel this entity just want me, love to ply whit my body. I remember two time I was flying up and through room, I found that it might be astral travel in dream state.

I was reading about astral travel an entities in astral plane and brain wave, sleep paralyze and all other. But can get answer.

Can someone can tel what's the things is or ghosts or medical and how dangerous it is. It isn't scare me, mayby little, but need help guys.

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Yote (guest)
4 years ago (2019-06-02)
I haven't astral traveled before, but I've done hours of research on it because it was intriguing. If you have a high vibration, you will be on the upper plane (the good side) of the astral plane. The lower vibrations will send you to the lower planes (where the demons and negative energy live). If you can't do this on your own, ask archangel michael to help. You don't even have to be religious for him to help you once you ask for help.
Me (guest)
5 years ago (2018-11-18)
talk to a neurologist about exploding head syndrome or look up exploding head syndrome and Out of body


You may also want to look up 'reccuring dreams/nightmares on or consult a localmedium.
Hope you find the answers you seek.
TheHealer (guest)
5 years ago (2018-09-28)
First, It was not a normal thing that happens during Astral Projection. Something wants to exploit your soul power or drawn towards you.

The reason is that when you have fear or negative thoughts in brain and you try Astral travel, you will always land up in lower astral plane that has these entities and bad spirits.

Clear your mind of any such negative thoughts or fear. Just think of Love or God when you try Astral Travel. That will make you reach upper astral plane.

The thing is, when you are in upper astral plane, you will never feel fear. Its a happy feeling.

Happy Travelling...
Mary (guest)
5 years ago (2018-09-23)
I highly recommend you doing some meditation and trying to visualize white energy all around you, as a protection for your aura and your soul (spirit, Astral body, whatever you want to call it) and doing it daily. It will protect you from bad entities in your lucid dreams and in your Astral trips.

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