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First Two Obe's


When I was very young, no more than the age of six, I shared a room with my younger brother and we would both see a ball of light that would occasionally glide through our room. Being so young at the time we really had no idea what it was, however we weren't afraid of it and gave it a name, White Fluff.

It was during this time period that I first left my body, I remember how everything I saw and felt was nothing like a regular dream. I had the light sensation of floating out of my body and everything had a slight graininess to it and took on a greyish blue hue. I remember floating around my room and drifting over by the bedroom door when a small brightly glowing thing came into my room from the hallway.

It approached me stopping about ten inches from my face. The best way I can describe it is it had the appearance of a glowing humming bird.

I wasn't afraid of it and I remember it spoke something to me. Not being able to remember word for word what it said has bothered me throughout my life however I do remember it saying something about being my friend.

I spent the first half of my life not really knowing what I had experienced. It wasn't until my Uncle mentioned astral projection and I started reading about the topic and seeing that their was similar experiences out there that I started to piece it together, especially after my second out of body experience.

I was about fifteen years old, this was right around the time I experienced the thing in the doorway. I woke up one morning and then drifted back into a half asleep half awake hypnogogic state. I felt an onset of strong vibrations all over my body that came in short bursts accompanied by a loud whooshing sound. I then felt myself detach from my body and I floated up to the ceiling.

I then floated towards the doorway just beneath the ceiling and out into the hallway where I saw my Mother putting away some linen in the hallway pantry. I then shot back into my body with a strong thud and opened my eyes, I was awake and I could hear my Mother in the hallway putting away the laundry.

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