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The Shadow Man


This occurred about six or so years ago. I awoke to the sight of the underbelly of a very large scorpion about three inches from my face and I jolted awake to realize I had a false awakening. Later that evening as I was in bed watching tv I noticed a foul odour. This odour reminded me of when I was doing community service cleaning up homeless camps and we would come across for lack of better terms, the bathroom. It was basically an area where they were defecating, and it didn't smell pretty.

Well this is what it smelled like, and when my Husband came out of the shower I asked him if he could smell it and he couldn't. That awful odour finally went away and later that evening or early morning actually, I laid awake on my right side when I thought I heard something just outside my window, this was immediately followed by the sensation of someone being in my room right behind me. I remember feeling stark terror and thinking, I have to get my gun and just then a very low male voice said something right in my ear, I could only make out the last few words which were "your a$! Hole".

This is when I realised I couldn't move, I could see the wall and my bedroom window since I was facing that direction, and then a solid black arm came down onto the bed about six inches in front of my face, followed by another arm and a torso. I lay there unable to move and I can see the solid black figure of what appeared to be a man silhouetted against my bedroom window. I could only see from the waist up and he was straddling across me looking around. He appeared to be trying to position himself somehow and I was trying to flip over onto my back while striking him with my left hand but I still couldn't move.

This man or thing was on top of me however I couldn't feel any weight on me, he was propping himself up with his arms and I lay there watching him. Finally I was able to break free of the paralysis and flip over violently onto my back. As I lay there with my heart pounding I could no longer see him however I could still feel his presence, along with a electrical tingling sensation running up and down my inner right thigh.

This sensation changed from an electrical tingly sensation to a more solid hand on me sensation. It started to feel like a hand moving up and down my thigh and this lasted for a few minutes and faded away. After this incident I was actually afraid to go into my room at night, and it did not help my insomnia any.

As far as my visitation experiences go, this one was the most up close and personal. I've had experiences that were far more physical than this, however those happened after I felt myself detach from my body.

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