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There Were Hundreds Of Them


After seeing what appeared to be an apparition of a tall thin woman, and began having lucid dreams with the occasional OBE, I was very excited about all of this however I didn't really have anybody I could talk to about it. I began reading and doing research on the topic and discovered that these kinds of experiences have been documented for thousands of years, all over the world and in every culture.

One night I sank down through my bed and found myself in what appeared to be the basement level of a very large structure. It was fairly dim down there and I began ascending the stairs to try and find my way out of there.

I came to a small room with a door that opened up into a long hallway, this hallway had doors on either side like a hotel. The walls had a damask pattern with a lot of reds, yellows, and greys with belt line mouldings. I ascended another stairway to the next floor and was heading down one of the long hallways when I heard what sounded like a baby crying.

It sounded like it was coming from a small walkway that came off of the main hallway and ended with a spiral staircase that only went down from that point. I started to descend this staircase trying to find the origin of this crying baby but as far down these stairs I would go, the sound of the baby was always coming from down below. I remember marvelling at the detail of the wallpaper as I spiralled down further and further still hearing this crying baby further down the stairs.

I stopped because it began to get darker the further down I went and this baby's cries were getting louder and looking down the stairs seemed to disappear into total darkness. I was getting a bit nervous and was torn between my own uneasiness about heading down into the dark and my instinct to go and see if this baby was ok.

I decided to investigate further and with a few more steps down I dropped. I dropped as if I had stepped off of a cliff and I found myself in total darkness save for what appeared to be hundreds of dim lights heading in my direction and passing by me. It was very loud there with what sounded like hundreds of people screaming and yelling. When one would get close to me I realised what they were, they were people, people that were in a half etheric form. They had a head, shoulders, arms and a waist that dissipated into what looked like ectoplasmic energy.

The ones that passed near me would yell angrily at me, as if trying to tell me I was going the wrong way. I then shot out of there and back to the waking world, wondering where the hell I just was.

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