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Lucid Dreaming Experience - Encountering My Twin


28th December 2018

I was laying down on my bed with some new lucid dreaming meditation music going, thinking ' I might give this a go and see what happens '. I started relaxing and just gently focusing on my third eye, and in my mind I was thinking of my twin for some unusual reason, so I just went with it and focused on him. Now while I was doing this I saw myself I guess in a way flying up into clouds, but they weren't any normal clouds, they were like sunsets and sunrises with the most beautiful reds/oranges/yellows, some were a dusty pink mixed with blues/purples and a little bit of greens.

I also started to feel myself floating up towards a light, I was getting a little bit uneasy but told myself calmly that it's okay just relax and focus on your third eye, now I had my left hand on my heart chakra and my right on my root chakra the entire time this happened.

Once I finally got through this white glob of light I went into the cosmos which then went dark (still focused on my twin and my third eye). Next thing I know I saw my twin laying in his bed asleep laying on his right side, and here I was floating above him in his room, I hovered there for a bit even though his body was still his mind seemed to be racing then came down. I kept hearing the words in my mind "give me back my angel" and I\'m thinking who is saying that, as I started to get closer to him I hear " please! Give her back to me" like was almost begging, I could sense the sadness and desperation in the words, then I realized they were coming from him. As I came down and sat on the edge of his bed I began to run my fingers through his hair stroking his temple, doing this seemed to help soothe him as he started to relax more and the noise in his mind seemed to quieten sending him in a deep relaxing sleep. After that happened out of nowhere my left hand (in my minds eye) had a blue flame around it, I didn't flinch it off at all I just let it stay there and settle and do what it needed to do, I don't know how long it was there for as I then fell into deep sleep myself.

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