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Dreaming Of The Basement


I'm not a hundred percent sure if I am even legitimately having experiences, but ever since I was young, I've had dreams that eventually come true. I've also had dreams that seemed to have demonic things in them, or I dream about places I haven't been in a VERY long time, but its like I'm there as it is in the present. I don't even know if that makes sense, but I'll try my best to make it less confusing?

I live in the center of an old village, which is part of an old, old colonial town. The house I currently live in is not the one I grew up in, but my Aunt's fiance's parents house. Two houses up from where I live is the old school house, which used to be the firehouse. Essentially, it was built as a school house, then the village school was merged with the main town's school and then it was decided the fire department would move into the building. My family is very deeply ingrained in the fire department. I was a fire fighter, both of my parents are, and three of my four siblings have fire fighting backgrounds.

A few years ago, the firehouse moved to a brand new building, about half a mile away from the old firehouse. So the town then took the old school house / fire house and turned it into two affordable housing condos. I have not stepped foot in the building since the department moved. I didn't even go to the open house of the condos, so I have not been in there in a very, very long time.

The building has two floors, the basement and the upstairs. I don't know what the floors look like now, but I'm going to describe how they looked when the department was there. The basement was just storage, even as storage, no one used it. It was the old lunch room for the school, there were old stalls for bathrooms just inside the basement door that was accessed from the driveway. (The building is on a hill). There was a small kitchen and then a decent sized lunch room, but that was it. Aside from the door to the driveway, there was a set of stairs that went up and into the main hall of the school, through a trap door in the stage in the hall.

On the main floor, there was a giant hall with a small stage, the truck bay, which was a very, VERY tight squeeze to get four fire trucks into, in fact they had to be parked two deep in the two bays. So it was a hassle to move trucks just to get the one needed to respond out. There was a small radio room attached to the truck bay back into the main building, then there was a room where the tools to take care of the trucks were housed, and about three or four closets that were scattered between being normal closets and ones where you had to get a ladder to reach the door.

Beyond the hall was a small kitchen, which had basically a picture window hole out to the hall in it, so I guess kind of like a breakfast bar type thing without the seating. Going down a small, short hallway from that to the left was the meeting room or rec room. (There was a pool table in there. As well as a TV, the firehouse computer, and so on.) Directly across the hall from that door was a small hallway that lead to the boys and girls bathrooms. Both of which I absolutely hated. They gave me shivers. I refused to go into them without someone else with me.

So to get more to the point, the building was renovated and updated, and I hadn't stepped inside. A few years ago, a very shady man moved in with his girlfriend, her son and their daughter. Everyone knew the man was beating his kids, none of us really had any proof though. He moved into the half that I believe, from my dreams, has the basement as a good portion of the apartment.

While the family lived there, and then it ended up being just the man and his daughter, I would constantly have dreams of running through the basement, changed to be a living room with a small kitchen and a bathroom, to run away from this dark demonic like entity. It felt like I was running for my life. There were times I would wake up from that, freak a little, then go back to bed and the dream would just continue. Like I hadn't woken up at all.

Two years ago, the man and his daughter moved out, and suddenly I stopped having the nightmares. I haven't dreamed of the building since. It's got me puzzled, and it kind of frightens me. It's the only time I ever had dreams like that. And to be honest, I had been having these types of dreams PRIOR to knowing that the man was beating his family. (Again, we could never give legitimate proof to the police, so there was no way of helping.) Also, I have to say, I was describing the apartment a few weeks ago and my mother, (Still active in the department) told me that the apartment in question was set up just as I had described it. As she had been through there for medical alerts.

I just want to know if anyone else has ever had something similar happen? Or if I'm just... I don't know. Overthinking it or what not? I've been very in touch with the supernatural ever since I was little, my father's so skeptical he insists I'm just being paranoid and while I do have some mental health issues, (though not really applicable to this situation) I think that I might've been seeing something a little more than just my brain making up scenarios. So any advice or whatever would be nice?

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