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Erika Baker (Missing Girl)

On the remote viewing e-groups, I had found a request from a detective asking for help about the missing girl, Erika Baker. I decided I would try and remote view her. Although I am certainly not qualified to aid in an investigation, I thought it would be a good exercise. I also love children and it pained me to read that and just do nothing. Knowing what your target is, is called "front loading". These are less favorable because you can place "overlay" on the target and get facts mixed up with imagination, but sometimes that is just the way it is. For Erica Baker, I decided to do a technique called "Extended Remote Viewing". Instead of sitting at a desk, getting into the proper state, and writing down the details, I laid down, entered what is called Focus 10 (mind awake, body asleep) and let the images come to me without writing anything down (obviously, since my body is asleep...) I like this technique as I get better images right away (in fact these are like photographs... snap shots of the target), vs. half hour of lower level data. Once I achieved Focus 10, the first snap shot was of a very beautiful blond girl with pigtails. The next snap shot I saw her at a recreational facility swinging. I then "heard" the voices of foreigners, they sounded middle eastern (being that America is the "melting pot of the world", I'm familiar with Spanish, German, French and it was non of these). There were multiple male voices, but I could not understand their language. The next was also "auditory" and I heard her cry and say, "do not give me any more". I "knew" she was speaking in reference to drugs. These men had taken her from this recreational facility to a large city (I don't know which but I felt New York), and were giving her drugs to slowly induce an addiction. The signal that I had received is that this was a child kidnapping ring used for child prostitution. It was really horrifying to feel these feelings.

I gave my results to the detective who in turn gave it to the parents (I actually did not know he was going to give this to the parents!) But because of my description, he felt it might be important. I was then given a picture of Erika Baker by the parents. She was blond and very beautiful. She was also last seen at a recreation facility. The whole community searched the woods high and low and thought she was dead. I knew they would not find her body, and that she was still alive. Although it was confirmable about her looks and the location that she was last seen, the rest is purely conjecture.

I've been asked to remote view her again, but for me to be productive, I have to have betters skills. For example, what city? What is the address? What are the names of the perpetrators? These are highly advanced skills of which I currently do not possess.

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