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Universal Mind

This is one topic that I find very fascinating, and I hope you do too. If we can develop conscious data collection from the Universal Mind then there are no limits to our potential as human beings.

It is theorized that all information, both past, present, and future, exists in what is referred to as the "Universal Mind." The Universal Mind (or Collective Mind) transcends time and space and with diligent practice, is consciously accessible from the deep theta state of awareness. The Universal Mind is where information comes from for all accurate predictions and visions, whether auditory, visual, or emotional. It encompasses all that is and all that will be. In truth, it is where our thoughts come from. We only perceive them coming from the brain as we experience physical reality through most of our senses located in the head region (taste, sight, hearing, smell and even touch). The brain is a mere filter for our thoughts.

Even though all minds have access to this (for the Universal Mind is not separated from us and we are not separated from it), we have to let go, or shift our awareness from self (ego) before a true stream of real data can go back and forth between our conscious mind and the Universal Mind. A deep level of relaxation is required in order for the shift, or phasing, to occur through the four levels of awareness. Most of us dip into delta every night, but rarely do we ever retain conscious memory of it. Since most of us cannot retain conscious knowledge from the delta level of awareness, our best bet is to "data collect" from deep theta. Below are the different states of awareness relative to our brain:

  • Beta: Brain waves of 14 to 30 cycles per second. This is normal waking activity (focus is centered exterior to our inner self. We focus on everything around us and use all of our physical senses.)
  • Alpha: Brain waves oscillating at between 8 and 13 cycles per second. A more internally focused, self-reflective and relaxed mindset, as in daydreaming or meditating.
  • Theta: Brain waves oscillating between 4 to 5 cycles per second (where extended remote viewing happens).
  • Delta: Brain waves of less than 4 cycles per second. This is deep sleep and our awareness is completely within (universal mind).

Extended remote viewing happens in the theta. Only the rare individual can access and retain conscious knowledge of the delta state of awareness. As with either, mastery of relaxation, concentration, and not allowing the dreaming mind to take over is what is required to reach this level of awareness (or slipping into unconsciousness at the delta level). Since it is challenging to reach the deep theta state and not slip into delta (and hence unconsciousness) it might be advisable to use an Extended Remote Viewing audio tape which has disruptions throughout the tape to snap you back to the theta.

When a person is in deep theta, they can request data from the Universal Mind. The information can be perceived as it would in the physical body (auditory, visual, emotional, etc.)

So why aren't we using this tool more if all data, past and present reside there? Well, you'd have to believe that the Universal Mind exists, that it is independent of time/space, that the various vehicles of consciousness are indeed just carrying around a 'fragment' of this universal mind and that despite physical death, it is timeless and ageless! So, this basically restricts the pursuit of the Universal Mind to various remote viewers, astral projectors and certain religious groups. Why do I think it exists? Because I know that data from the future, or completely unknown to a person, cannot reside in the physical brain! If our consciousness perished at the time of physical death then this means there is no universal mind, and if there is no universal mind, then how can thousands of remote viewing targets be seen and future thoughts be perceived inside of a human brain? What is more logical? How can someone leave their body and detect information external to themselves if this wasn't possible?

As in any area that is foreign or new to us, it is best if we pursue the truth ourselves. Only through careful analysis, practice and application can we discover for ourselves if this is a truth.

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