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Pitfalls To The ERV Viewer

Are there problems and hiccups with ERV? Absolutely. One problem is registering the information onto the brain (creating a local memory) before the next bit of information comes. Our higher self knows all things, but this doesn't mean we have local memory. I'd say that a good 20-50% of the data received is not recorded onto the brain. The fact is, translation and memory imprinting happens far slower than data retrieval. This is why multiple sessions are always required. I recall certain meditation sessions where most of it is at such a level (sort of like scrolling binary code) that I'm totally incapable of regurgitating it back in English, yet I get the "gist" of what's being said. I just can't relay it!

The second problem is one that is as old as time itself and that's where the viewer just plain falls asleep! It takes a lot of practice to get to theta and not just fall asleep. Much of my time is wasted because I tried to RV while being sleepy. The best time is late morning or early afternoon as the body hasn't yet fatigued too greatly.

The third problem is a viewer who is in alpha and thinks he's in theta and starts to remote view prematurely. The imagination starts to produce images and yet this is not valid data. They are dreamier in quality and often the manifestation of what the viewer "thinks" the target should be (analytical overlay). A real session should produce results that suprise the heck out of a viewer. It should never be generated by you, but spontaneously generated by the higher self. If you're trying hard to "see" something, it's probably your imagination. Results are shown you, not the other way around. An example of this is someone who was told, "We're missing a little boy and think he's buried in the local woods." When in fact, he's been abducted by a distant cousin. You might be tempted to prompt your higher self for "Where is he buried?" When in fact, you should be asking, "Show me where the boy is."

The fourth problem is the meadering mind. You can reach theta and pretty soon you're thinking about that lousy day at work, what's for dinner or whatever. Staying focused is very hard and takes a ton of discipline.

Another problem is external disturbances which pretty much speaks for itself such as a spouse, children, environment (too cold, too hot), etc.

If through all these problems you're able to stay focused and aware, you should get good results!

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