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I think because of my astral projection background, remote viewing came to me a little easier than it did for others. During my two day workshop with Dr. Carr, I was given a random target (a four digit random number). I cleared my mind and let the images start coming in. I felt things like "rough, hard, grassy, earth, round". As I wrote down these descriptors, I kept getting the feeling of "circle" and "foreign". I tried to not jump to conclusions, but I started to guess the Colosseum, those circular roads in Europe where people merge on and off. I knew it was outdoors because I could sense earth smells. Then suddenly, for the first time, I bi-located! Bi-location means you are literally at the target. Your mind has split and part of your consciousness is there and you can see as clear as day. It's very much like an etheric projection.

The target that I saw was Stone Henge. I felt the breeze blowing, the waves of green grass moving in the wind. I saw those big beautiful stones as I was literally there! I blurted out, "Stone Henge!" And of course, that's what the target was. But notice how it starts out low level with colors, sounds, and textures? Then you have to fight the natural urge to put a label on what it is you're sensing. Only after about a half hour of slowly working with the descriptors did I attain bi-location.

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