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Extended Remote Viewing (ERV)

Some of you may be curious as to which version of remote viewing I use, as there are many.

I selected Extended Remote Viewing based on my belief system. From my meditation and travels I have seen that we are all connected energy, that time and space can be transcended, and that ego generates the illusion of separation.

How do these things tie in together and relate to ERV? If we are all connected energy, that means, at the highest level, I am not separate from you. If time and space can be transcended, and we are connected, then I can see any event or person at any time. When we are awake, we are in beta which brings ego to the forefront of our awareness (separation). However, we can chose to induce other states of awareness (such as theta) and distance ourselves from ego. You might say that theta puts you on the "energy network" where we have access to one another, and that beta is your "stand alone" system.

The more we move away from beta (the awake state) to theta (the sleep state) the closer we get to the Energy Network. Delta (the furthest brain state from beta) is where we lose total consciousness (ego) and exist as One. However, this is not something we can bring back to the ego state. The best we can hope for is to enter theta (the bridge between the two) and probe the delta mind. Information that comes back from delta is very hard to translate as it doesn't use words, but energy (Robert Monroe called these thought balls or R.O.T.E). For example, how does one interpret, in a flash, "motherly instinct"? It's nothing more than a "feeling", yet it is quite distinct.

I perform ERV in theta. When the body is totally asleep, and I cannot feel it anymore (and hopefully have not lost consciousness or fallen into a dream), I start to probe delta. I know my target in advance and ask questions to my higher self. I send one question at a time and wait for the feedback which can be auditory, visual, or sensory. When visual, it is much like a movie reel. It is very clear and scenes flash before me. I can also hear conversations and less often, feel physical feelings. I can detect moods and the emotions of other people which are harder to translate (as is the mother instinct emotion), but it can be done.

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