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Chandra Levy Follow-Up

Here is a summary of my thoughts on the recent finding of Chandra Levy. In my opinion, this case, as well as the findings, are full of holes.

Chandra is located in a park that was searched several times last year, but nothing was found. The police claim she wasn’t found because it was a remote part of the park and because of the foliage. They state that they did search this area using a grid system (police often use a grid method, which covers every inch of ground and makes each officer responsible for an area of coverage), but nothing was turned up. They say in one breath it’s remote, then they say that she was so well hidden that even children playing in the area didn’t notice anything. So it’s remote, but children play there? And if you’re using a grid system, and cadaver dogs, why would the dogs not smell a decaying body? I’ve ridden horses all my life and if they so much as come within 100 yards of a corpse they would shy considerable or run off all together in the opposite direction.

Why was a turtle searcher looking for turtles in brush? Why not near the creek where turtles live? This park has a creek running through the middle of it and yet the turtle person was no where near it.

The first day that it was stated that Chandra was found, the evidence was based on the clothing present. I searched articles looking for definitive proof that it was her, but the dental testing had not yet been performed. How could they make a positive ID off bones and year-old athletic gear? Why be in a hurry to identify her?

If Chandra was an "avid jogger" like the detectives are claiming, then why wasn’t this disclosed before? I spent quite a bit of time reviewing this case, and never read about her avid interest in jogging. It was disclosed that her apartment was packed and ready for her return home. If they knew she was an avid jogger, then why didn’t they notice her jogging shoes were gone? Of all my female acquaintances, none wear jogging shoes unless they are jogging, so that would be an easy lead. On reading back on an older article on this case, the primary detective stated that on May 1st, her laptop showed that searches were done from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. using an Internet travel site to search for directions to the park. After her body was found they said she frequented this park regularly (so why would she need directions?) In an article written by Steve Twomey and Sari Horwitz of the Washington Post, they stated that this was an "odd electronic destination, given that her family and friends say the young woman had fears about the urban oasis, however popular it is with runners, hikers and bikers."

So here we have an avid jogger whose jogging shoes must have surely been missing from her belongings and yet they miss the body in the very park that they later say was a favorite jogging place for her? It is highly unlikely that they would not have found that avid jogger in her favorite park being one of the most highly publicized missing person cases, unless of course, that body wasn’t there a year ago. To find that body a year ago would have meant a lot more DNA samples and ugly clues. It's strange that a neighbor hears screams outside her apartment building and calls 911 at 4:37 a.m. on the very day Chandra is missing ( the woman who called, a graduate student, said she was awakened after hearing the "bloodcurdling" screams of a woman in extreme distress.) It would seem to me that Chandra very well could have been screaming at that time, and it was the killer who was checking her computer later that morning for anything that may be incriminating. Possibly even doing the searches as a distracter (again, why would Chandra search for directions to a park that was one of her favored jogging spots, and also remarkably close to Condit's apartment?) This "favorite" park reference by the police is definitely a contradiction. Mr. Billy Martin, the Washington attorney for the Levy family also stated that, "Chandra would never jog in Rock Creek Park. Her friends said she thought it was dangerous and she was very careful what she did."

It is also strange that the apartment manager won't open up Chandra's apartment when they claim she's missing. It's my opinion she wasn't murdered in the park she was found, but was later dumped there. So why would that be the case? My hunch would be that her big news to her aunt (see paragraph below) was that she was pregnant and absolutely no evidence of her body could be allowed to be found in-tact or they could find through an autopsy that she was. If Condit was careful enough to have his investigator ask his other mistress to sign an affidavit that she wasn't having an affair with him, he'd surely use those set of spare keys Chandra made to make sure the apartment was clean (guilty or not).

And what of the keys? I specifically saw a double set of keys made and handed off to another person (the copying of which was confirmed but authorities "dismissed" the lead). Where are those keys amongst the corpse and belongings? I have read nothing of that. If she was merely attacked by some homicidal sex maniac in the park, him taking the keys would be of little interest. And why would Chandra make duplicate keys days before her disappearance if she were going home? Why would her mother also complain that Chandra was vague on her return, providing no details? And what of the "big news" that she left on her aunt's answering machine? Her words were: "And I really have some big news or something important to tell. Call me." That was the same day that a phone conversation to Condit was confirmed.

The authorities are rushing to a prison to question an inmate who is serving 10 years for attacking (not murdering) two women at the same park as Chandra Levy. Why wasn’t he put to a lie detector test months ago if he was caught in the favorite park of the avid jogger, miss Levy?

I can almost guarantee that most, if not all people reading this page don’t know that Condit was a member of the U.S. House Intelligence Committee. This committee has access to both actions and people of the most highly classified, including those over the C.I.A. and F.B.I. (Could this have been where Condit recruited the "ex-FBI" person who gave him his behind closed door lie detector test of which he passed? The very lie detector test that was paid for by him, arranged by him and his attorney, and given by an insider? One can’t help but wonder if the turtle man is an ex-FBI person too... His ID is being withheld (the taking of turtles from this park is also illegal).

The man I saw in the second remote viewing session was in a park at night. The first session was a lower grade quality, but this second session involving keys and a man in a park at night and were very high quality. I have never been wrong on the higher grade quality viewings. If this is true, then this isn’t a day-time attack as the investigators are claiming. I don’t know which park I saw though, the one by her house, or the one that is one mile from the mansion she searched on the internet before disappearing.

Why do the Levy’s now have a posted guard outside their home? You’d think Condit would be the one with a guard.

Chandra’s internship was cut short. It was claimed that her work was done, but when has that ever been so with the government? If her job was cut short, she’d have to go home, if she went home, then she’d be leaving behind the very man she aspired to be with. The man who was having two simultaneous affairs excluding the one with his wife. I think Chandra went a bit over the top with him (as was evident with her incessant paging days prior to her disappearance). She may have even found out about his other mistress and gone bonkers. The girlfriends of Chandra said she typically fell for married men and those affairs went sour when they wouldn't leave their wives for her. I think she was being ditched and she wasn't taking the hint. She may have gone so far as to threaten him.

I’m sure they will drum up someone to take the fall for this case (such as the man in prison), who will probably meet with some unfortunate fate later on. With all the fishiness of this case going on, I cannot help but wonder if she still isn’t really sleeping with the fishes herself.

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