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Hunted Accused Killer

Here is what I got from my ERV session for a hunted killer. An article I was given afterwards confirm one detail and then some other clues hinted at truth to others.

Christian Longo, accused killer is still alive. He is going under the name of John (I read afterwards in the article that this is one of his aliases). I don't know his whereabouts (right now), but I was shown a different bit of information. There seems to be a girl linked to him. She is about 24 years old and oddly enough looks very much like him with sandy reddish blond hair (mid length). She always wears fashion type glasses that are light mauve in color. Now, I don't know if she was involved prior (girlfriend) or met him afterwards, but I think she is now with him. As far as I can tell, he's with this girl and he's still alive. This is what is making the manhunt difficult. She may also be their source of cash. I also found it interesting that the article mentioned a 1997 bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon. I enjoy wine myself (both white and red) and a 1997 Cab is going to cost you around $25.00 in a local grocery store (obviously unless it's a good wine which could be in any price range). Why would a guy of 27 be making a purchase such as this? You would think he would buy beer or hard alcohol if he wanted to drink by himself on the run (unless of course, there was a woman involved who enjoyed such things). The fact he was married to an older woman (35) may have brought his taste up to these standards, but unless he took this from his house, it leads to an interesting conclusions if he bought this afterwards that it may have been to consume with a woman. Also, with 3 kids and a moderate income, you are generally buying cheap bulk wines.

He may also have been at the airport, not to leave, but to pick her up (?).

end of article

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