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Contacting Spirts To Send To People Dreams


My aunt passed two years ago it has been so ruff for our family she was the one that kept the whole family together no matter what happened. Well the other night before I went to bed I told her to enter my dream when I go to sleep, so I can talk to her and told her I wasn't afraid because if you scare off a spirit or if they feel like you are afraid the spirit will not contact you in your dream. So 2 hours later I went to sleep and BAM! It happens I was back at her old house standing in my aunts living room and the front door open her daughter walked in the house and told me mom ma is coming! OMG I was in disbelief because I never have called on a spirit. I have seen and sensed when spirits are around me but this was the first time experiencing this it felt so real. I looked at the door again I see a second hand grabbing the door knob threw the glass door and in walks my aunt she was so beautiful she didn't look sick anymore she looked so healthy again my aunt had stage 3 cancer and that was the reason she passed away.

When you talk to spirits in your sleep I knew I didn't have a lot of time to talk to her I gave her a hug and told her I missed her so much she told me don't cry, and she also told me to stop crying around my granny because when I cry around my granny it hurts my granny feelings... My aunt had been watching me when I cried in the room with my granny there no one was in the room with me, so I was in disbelief once again and happy at the same time to know she been by my side still. I knew I didn't have too much time left with my aunt, so I had to ask her one more question. Auntie can you go also go visit your daughter because she been having a ruff time since you passed? I want to see her but I don't want her to be scared of me. I told my aunt she wasn't going to be scared of her She told me ok just like that I walked her outside and saw her a Walking to the light, and she had 3 men with her like they were protecting her making sure she makes it back safe. The next morning I called her daughter and I ask her did she have a dream last night she said yes I had a lot of dreams I ask her in one of her dreams did she see her mom, and she said yes. I told her that's because I sent her to your dreams. I couldn't believe it I really sent her to my cousin dreams. Never have I thought I could do something like that I don't know if it's a gift I never heard of anyone sending spirits to someone else dreams. I'm in need of help if anyone has any answers to what is going on with me I have always been like this I been seeing spirits and I can feel when they around or I can look at some people and I can see sense they will die in a few months I need answers someone please help me understand my abilities.

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